Hey guys these are two super cute and easy to make New Year’s Eve hacks that we made hopefully you can wear them tonight so what you’re going to need first is this hat template which you can find on our blog print it out and cut it out once you’re done flip it over and we’re going to make it a little smaller. So that they’re cuter to wear so just mark off about one and a half inches along the edge of the hat once you have about one and a half inches cut off you can just take your scissors and cut off the extra I probably should have just shown you a smaller template. But I couldn’t find one next take any glittery or shiny New Year’s Eve II type papers I got these at Michael’s craft store take your paper template and just trace it on the back of the paper that’s a huge bitch you once you’re done go ahead and cut this out once that’s finished we’re just going to curl this into a cone shape to make our hat so just take a glue gun and put a strip of glue up the side and roll it together.


So I found this kind of baby tinsel at Michael’s and we’re just going to glue it along the edge of the head and cut off any extra you have I also found this strip of old little studs and it’s not you civ at the back. And I laid that around the hat right above the tinsel to finish it off I took this bright red sparkly ribbon that I found. And I cut it into three little strips probably about an inch and a half long each and then I added a little dot of glue and folded it over into a little loop once you have that done you can take your little loop and pinch the end together so it becomes smaller and you can actually stick that in a little hole at the top of your hat this just kind of creates a fun little hat topper so to make it stay on your head you can take any headband you want this is a gold, when I found that I wasn’t using anymore and it just added two dots of glue kind of on an angle to the side of the headband. And I just glued the Hat on there you know it want to add some extra glue inside just for reinforcement so it doesn’t fall off for the second hat design I took a lighter more silver glitter paper and made the exact same cone shape this time I took some silver tinsel ribbon and did the exact same thing as last time for the hat topper on this one I took a couple inches long of the same tinsel metal wire.

And I rolled it together to make a giant kind of loop shape and once it was kind of in a ball shape I just glued that onto the very top of the head to finish it off I found these number and letters sticker pieces and it just took out 2013. And I stuck those on to the Hat now these were also adhesive. But, if yours aren’t then always the you need to glue them that’s a huge bitch okay so this is a different alternative this way is a little more seamless and you can hide it better in your hair so what I did was take my fluids to get to one side of the hair elastic. And I stuck this on the inside of the Hat and then add some more glue to the other side of the Hat and very gently just stretch your elastic across.

So that it joins to the other side you might want to hold it there while it dries I hope you guys all have an amazing and fun New Year’s Eve and we’ll see you all next year bye guys you.

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