Hello we are doing a travel series open what, if you not seen the last couple posts for then we’re doing atrocities and it was a point p.m. so for this week’s travel series we did a DIY passport holder which is program like keeping like your passport and all your travel documents in one place, when you are traveling or at the airport I see safe in all in one place yeah and, if you’re not traveling or you don’t need a passport holder you can always use this as like a notes holder or document or notebook slide a notebook from their wallet yeah lots of different creative Jessica so here’s how we did it so to start you’re going to use either leather faux leather or any thick fabric next placing our passport on the bad side of the fabric we’re going to fold the fabric over to mark out how big we want our pockets to be we want them small enough so the passport sticks out a little bit so it’s easy to get, when you need it we’re also going to add about half inch on the other side. So that our passport holder closes nicely and fold the whole thing in half from that midpoint and trace along that line next laying our passport back down again we’re going to measure how tall we want it to be. So we added about half an inch on each side. So that our pocket was tight enough.


But not to boots and using a ruler just helps make sure that all your measurements are the same and equal and cut the whole thing out next we’re going to remark out those pockets so fold our fabric over and using some pins you’re going to hold this into place and again using your ruler is just helpful to make sure that all your measurements are the same next you want to go in and hand crease the edges it’s just make sure that everything Y is nice and flat then just use the either a sewing machine or some hand stitching we’re going to add two really simple straight lines here and here and this is what it should look like and lastly for the design we’re going to be using a Sharpie paint pen just make sure that you pick up the oil-based paint ones or else won’t stick to your fabric so it’s helpful to trace out what design you think you want to do on a piece of paper first. Because it will be permanent once you start. So we did the whole thing with one thin line and then went back into the sharpie marker and thickened up some of the lines to give it a more finished kind of calligraphy s look and that’s it we hope you guys liked this DIY. And I find it useful, if you’re out traveling and in last week’s post we told you, if he does want a scam fit you can use painting marker technique well, if you know I use the painting marker technique you could stamp it like we did in last week’s post to check that out front alternate technique for like customizing and writing chords on here, if you guys do make any of our DIYs like always please send them to us on like our instagrams and Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr Canada.

Because we’d love to see, when you guys Jeremy arise it’s really exciting for us. And I like one you guys do them better I’m like a lot of the time I’m like the student has become the mess yeah like BEC he’ll show me to make money this right I’m like they did it so well it’s true think of that you guys are like so talented anyways we will see you guys next week with another DIY.

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