Hey guys my name’s Abby, and we are the bad girls and as you guys know we are doing a little travel cereal at the moment.

Because both Abby. And I are going away on trips, and we are so excited so clearly our life is DIY. So we had to DIY stuff for our traveling I travel our traveling traveling my travels so today’s DIY is gonna be easy I write luggage tags subkey oh it’s like so good, if you misplace your bag or, if you are not traveling somewhere you can definitely use this on like a gym bag or a backpack something that you might leave around some yeah that’s someone might want fun way to expect you there are still nice people there yeah I have a seat I returned a credit card laughing oh really go giving out good vibes and this is also great. Because, when you do go to the airport and there’s like a million black suitcases is so good to have like something that you customize that you know hey that’s my bag or just get a colored bag Becky that’s a quest so here’s how we did Duarte I like a stag alright for this DIY I may need some leather faux leather or student fabric and you’re going to need to print off this template that is on our blog – linked in the description below you’re going to start by cutting out the tag shape and you’re going to line this up on to your fabric or leather and trace it out and then we’re going to cut out the inside to make the other side of our tag and, when that’s them place it on your leather or fabric and trace it out on the outside and the inside rectangle, and we don’t need to draw a line at the top.


Because we’re not going to cut that line so cut out both these shapes and for the one where we need a flap or fold we’re going to start it with an exacto knife and then continue cutting with scissors just for a nice clean line and again do not cut this all the way up next we’re going to do some stamping on to our leather so go ahead and dampen the piece of leather that you want to stamp once it’s nice and what you’re going to let it dry almost back to the color it was originally next you’re going to need a leather stamping kit you can get this at a leather supply store or you can buy it online we will link one below for you so start by taking all the letters that you’re going to need we are selling not yours. Because it’s funny this bag is not tore as, if you’re reading it unless it is your bag so go ahead and take all the letters that you want and make sure you space them out before you start stamping this is really easy all you have to do is click your letter onto the stamping tool line it up and using a hammer give it a couple good hard taps and the letter should be indented repeat this for all your letters and then next we’re going to take some black acrylic paint and seriously dilute it with some water and go ahead and put that in the grooves the letters so they stand out and are easier to read so next we’re gonna take an old binder I’m sure everybody has one or any kind of plastic clear plastic sheet you can use sheet protectors anything you have lying around the house we’re just going to cut out a small portion of this and then we’re going to line it up on to our leather tag we’re going to want it to be smaller than the tag. But bigger than the inside flat portion next gonna take some Gorilla Glue which is activated with water. So we’re going to get the outside of the leather wet where we want it to stick to the other side of the tag make sure you do not seal the top do not add water or glue there, and we just slipped in this piece of paper.

So that no glue got on the flat. Because we don’t want the flat to be glued shut so just add some gorilla glue along here make sure the glue is placed on to the one side of the tag. So that it can adhere the plastic sheet as well as the other side of the leather tag try to line that up as best as you can and press it down and then we’re just going to put some heavy items on. So that it can dry for two hours once it’s dry your edges might not be perfectly lined up.

So you can go ahead and take some scissors and just straighten them up next we’re going to use a leather punching tool in the medium-sized hole and just punch a hole at the top of our tags next on the other half of our template we’ve given you kind of information cards. But you could totally make your own, if you wanted so go ahead and cut that out and then just fill it out with your informations obviously this information is fake just through my safety reasons and then slip it in between your tag make sure that the plastic is only outside of course and it should look like this next just cutting the long strip of extra fabric that we have you can go ahead and slip that through your hole and then obviously you want to tie this to whatever luggage you have. But I’m just timing up to show you how it would look and this is how it looks everyone can read that is not their bag, if they’re reading it it’s yours so it’s pretty easy that’s how you make a DIY luggage tag and you can make them in any size shape whatever you want color fabric yeah – this is pretty neat leather faux leather, if you do want the help the template is on our blog, and we link that below you can go check out that and you can resize it, if you wanted a different size no big deal and, if you don’t want to do this stamping technique. Because I know it involves getting couple more tools and everything you can always do the paint pen which we used on our passport DIY which will be coming out next week so stay tuned for that is just buying a painting Sharpie.

But you can write on leather with, when that post is out, if you’re reading it a bit late we will link it below for you. So you go check out just another way to kind of customize sort of any sort of tag another yeah we hope you guys really enjoyed this DIY, and we will be seeing you next week.

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