Hello guys and welcome to our poison ivy from Batman inspired costume, if you already have a green bodysuit feel free to skip the step. But we’re going to start out with getting our top of our best to our top of our inseam measurement our waist measurement and our hip measurement you’re going to lay out your spandex fabric doubled over and you’re going to mark down your last measurement we did your waist measurement and your hip measurement and the top is going to be the same – as our hip measurement so it kind of makes this hourglass figure you can connect the dots with pins and cut it out so you’re going to sew along the two sides, and we won’t worry about the bottom right now so this is what it looks like, when we sewed up the sides, and we sewed about an inch in just. Because it’s spandex and you want to be tight we also found the middle of the bottom, and we sewed a seen about three inches for the let’s call it crotch seam you’re going to put it on inside-out and it looks a little funny right now. But we’re going to pin out the shape of the leg holes so you’re going to just pin along where you think the line would go and along the back as well and once you’ve taken it off you’re going to fold it in half and you’re going to start by cutting out the back side through both layers since the back will be a little bit lower and make sure you cut underneath the crotch Hemme made so once you flip it back to the front you’re going to cut through just the front layer and cut the higher portion of the front you can just even out where the two sides meet right here take the part you cut out from the one side and put it on the other side.


So you can use it as a stencil. So you can get the same cut make sure you re so where you cut the so it doesn’t come apart now this part optional. But we decided to add a sweetheart neckline so, if you’ve seen any of our princess posts we’ve gone into more details there. But you just do a couple loose stitches a couple inches down and pull it tight and tie a knot now for the vine shoulder strap this is optional.

But we found the spandex to be really slippery and would not stay up that well. So we took this long vine rope that we got from Michaels for very cheap and starting at the middle of the sweetheart we sewed a point there and then loop the thread around the vine attaching it to the top of the neckline you’re going to take this stitch all the way to the very side of the bodysuit and then it can tie it off and cut it you can then just take the vine over your shoulder and estimate how long you need it to be cut it off and go ahead and stitch it into place and that’s add leaves to the bodysuit we took these branches that we got from Michaels and it’s really easy to take the leaves off they just peel off so go ahead and peel off a whole bunch in different colors and sizes, and we just laid it out as to where we thought we’d want to sew it, and we also took larger clumps of leaves as well, and we added a couple to the other side as well now this is time-consuming. But you’re going to want to go ahead and stitch each leaf on make sure you only stitch it in as little points as possible. So that the bodysuit is able to stretch, when you put it on this is why we weren’t able to glue it.

Because we need it to stretch it’s also easier, if you sew a whole bunch of leaves together and then sew that onto the bodysuit just saves time so to tie in the leads to her hair we made a hairpiece we once again took these branches from Michael’s and cut off a small cluster, and we also took another cluster from a different kind of branch with a different type of leaf, and we caught food them together to fill in any holes and with an even smaller cluster we put fat to fill in the rest of the holes now to secure to our hair we just took a bobby pin and some thread and went underneath the branch and around the bottom layer of the bobby pin and then tag it on to a knot and you’re going to secure this into the two spots at the front in the back for the knee-high boots we did a soft type thing we took this rectangular piece of fabric and pinned it along the leg, when you get to the bottom you’re going to take each side and pin it underneath this shoe. So you kind of leave a hole for the heel and a fold for the toe then you’re just going to sew in each of those places once it’s done you’re going to put it on inside oats and put it through the shoe first so once it’s on inside out you’re just going to take your scissors and cut off the excess, when you get to the toe to kind of cut a u-shape. But you can also fold this portion underneath so it kind of makes a nice folded edge lastly we’re going to add the vines down the leg we began by actually sewing the top of the vine to the bodysuit you can play this, if you want and then wrap it around your leg and this part is important that you actually safety pin the bottom of the vine to your knee highs this makes it so much easier to get on and off rather than sewing it all right thank you guys so much for reading our poison ivy inspired costume, if you liked it make sure to check out all of our other costume posts that we made they’re all on the playlist right here thanks so much.

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