In the Great Hall Letty, the wizard’s nine-year-old niece, has just opened her gift from the wizard and is positively

ABOVE: Little Hetty tries to get control over her new broomstick. All of those pillows should break her fall.

BELOW RIGHT: This mermaid combs her hair as she admires her Christmas tree made of sea shells delighted”a baby dragon! (Pat Benedict). They sit under a magnificent Christmas tree especially made for Dragonwyck by Jo Bevilacqua she calls Dragon Fire complete with a golden dragon tree topper. The wizard’s gift to his sister, Eldora, a pair of Invisibility Shoes (Thicket People), which allows the wearer to be both unseen and unheard, sits under the tree.

The topmost room in the tower is the wizard’s bedroom. The bed and chest were custom-made for the room by Barbara Moore of Pear Tree Miniatures, which Barbara dressed. On the chest sits the wizard’s collection of nutcrackers, which he brought back from 19thc. Germany

Above the Great Hall is the library a very busy scene indeed. The wizard’s other niece, Hetty, is trying out her Christmas gift”her first broomstick.


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