Sweetly done in lace and soft, pastel colours, it’s just one of the many vignettes which can be created inside a giant imitation Christmas ball ornament, large enough to contain a twelfth scale scene.

Can you guess what the Lakeland (Florida) Miniatures Guild members used for their Christmas balls in this wonderful winter project? The answer is to be found in the fascinating construction basics, as recalled for you by that guild’s talented Show Chairman, artist Carol Kira: I call this my Fantasy Ornament Scene’. At the time I constructed it, there wasn’t a paper mache craft project ball available for me or anyone else, which would imitate a huge Christmas ornament in the size we needed.

So, when Sylvia Supinski and I worked on getting supplies, we ended up going to a commercial lighting store and ordering enough outdoor plastic lamp post globes for everyone who was participating in the project.

Ron Mummert designed three scenes for the globes.

I chose the one with a bridge. My son, Steve, who was handy with a Dremel tool, cut the opening in my ornament ball. The outside was then spray-painted with a paint intended for plastic. Each of the ornaments was to be completed upside down, with the original lamp post collar’ at the top, so as to lend the appearance of a big ornament cap.


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