Hi guys today we have a DIY for you that’s all Bellatrix it ok.

So I feel like you gotyou use lunch bags, when you’re little and you have this fazer they’re not cool. But they’re totally in again yes especially, if you go to college like us where you can bring your own lunches to school they’re cool you don’t want to bring a 1 a plastic bag oh yeah we created a super easy like it took us 10 minutes really easy um lunch bag there’s so much cuter than like the ones you can buy in Walmart or wherever you would get them yeah exactly they’re a brown paper bag inspired yes um just the way their shape is valo the color um so there’s a couple different fabrics you can get you can get just a plain canvas which they might have really pretty patterns and colors and stuff. But am i know me the best. Because it’s probably not water resistant um, if you can get oil cloth or some kind of vinyl those are a little bit harder to work with.


But those are the most water resistant and washable or ideally just line whatever canvas you get with model to make it extra waterproof yeah alright does not spill yeah you know accident that’s our goal. But what we’ve always was a outdoor like canvas so it’s treated to be waterproof it still may not hold like soup in, if you entirely spill a bowl soup in your bag. But it’s definitely washable and it’s a little bit water resistant so to make it you’re going to need to put your good sides of fabrics together, and we cut out a nine and a half by a 13 inch rectangle two rectangles so you’re now going to stitch up the three sides two long edges in one short edge you can either use a sewing machine like we did or you could do a simple hand stitch, if you want and, if you really wanted to you’ll recommend it. But you could use glue for this, when you’re done that you’re going to take your finished some product and you’re going to pull at the sides to fold it the other way in half so your seams are on the top and bottom rather than the sides and then you’re going to fold your bottom portion into like a diamond shape it’ll come back, if you just tried out so once it’s in this diamond shape you’re going to measure an inch and a quarter from the top point and the bottom point a student is going to mark that line pin it and then cut it so once you have your two edge triangles kind of cut off I know it’s a little scary.

But then you’re going to go in and stitch out that line and make sure that you really go over the middle stitch. Because we did cut that thread so you’re going to need to resew it tightly so it all stays together and again you can hand stitch or so I’m gonna sheen this and, when you’re done that you can take it and turn it inside out make sure it all looks good and it’s a big rectangle and not some wonky shape and then the next step is to iron this is optional. But we think it just gives it that perfect paper bag shape and really helps it keep its shape we’re basically going to be ironing the four lines up the side of the bag so start from each corner of the base of the bag and kind of fold that line from the corner all the way up to the top of the bag making sure that it’s the same width all the way up and just take your iron and kind of crease that line into place and then go ahead and do that for all four sides of the bag and then once you have that done you can kind of fold the bottom how a paper bag would naturally get me fold it and it just kind of makes sense, when you’re doing it and then go ahead and just flatten that whole base down which will create kind of side corners. But paper bag might have and it just kind of gives it that overall paper bag shape and helps it to stand up nicer and the very last step depending on your fabric is having the top edge.

So you can just use your iron it’s probably easiest and folds the edges under and then you can take it to the sewing machine and just do a stitch all the way around it won’t tip that one and I’ll keep everything from fraying so you’re pretty much done. But we decided to think of a couple different ways to close it and keep it shut so the first way that we decided to do is kind of like cookie bag inspired how you might get this on the grocery store. So we took a piece of gold wire flat wires the best and measured it up to the top of the bag and you’re going to extend it about a half an inch each side and you can go ahead and cut it to that link and then we just folded wrap the edges of the sides in a so it wouldn’t be so sharp and be so this kind of stops it from sliding out once you’ve sewed it into place and then we just went ahead and added two stitches on either end of the wire to hold it to the top of the bag and then, when you roll it down you can just fold these end pieces that hang off the bag backwards and it should clip it into place and it will unroll, if you’ve ever had a grocery store cookie bag and know exactly how this works mmm and the other way was a button fastener and this kind of works like an envelope yeah exactly like a big file folder envelope. So we’re gonna do is take a spare button and you’re gonna first roll down your edge and see where you want to put the button and then you’re going to sew the button to place really simple and then on the back edge pretty much exactly where you sewed the button you’re going to take a needle and some twine we took a larger needle so the twine actually fit into the needle head and then we just poked it into one side and then tied a knot once it was on the inside and cut the thread and tie it another knot to the other end yeah Savin it just kind of sits there and then, when you roll it down you can bring that twine over wrap it around the button a couple times and it should stay in place I’m good to go and obviously additional methods would be to use some velcro or magnets or whatever you feel like doing or nothing or nothing go with the roll look yeah BET’s way okay.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this and found it as simple as we did it was like literally the easiest like to do ever. So that was awesome yeah we have lots of extra fabric so we’ll make some for our friends oh yeah and you literally be the coolest kid at the lunch table with like awesome pattern lunch bag and not your sonís or yeah what’s American grocery story actually Americans use pop paper bags don’t they Whole Foods doesn’t they’re really cool yeah okay any summer eco-friendly than using a paper bag which you may have to throw every single day these are washable and totally reusable yep I don’t know what get is, if you guys make any of these make sure to send us those on Instagram so very humbler.

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