Hi guys we are the star girls and in a galaxy far far away we did a ray cost you up to nanana nananana nanana you guys have highly requested this ray costume since Star Wars The Force awakens came out uh we didn’t know, when we should do it.

Because we didn’t want to wait until October. But today is May the 4th may the 4th be with you it’s national star birthday international everywhere Star Wars day and, if you guys don’t know that we do stuff like this. Because we normally do like cute fun DIYs we also do really cool badass Halloween costumes around October. But we’re doing this one early.


Because you want it alright onto the REA costume to make this Rey costume we’re starting with the pants these pants are a plain grey / beige pair of linen pants we got from the thrift store make a cut slightly below mid-calf use some elastic and measure out two pieces long enough to wrap snugly around your calf take the pants off and cut the bottom of the pants all the way off flip the pants inside out and roll up the bottom edge use a needle and thread to sew around the top of the cuff to form a tube leave a small gap. So we can add in our elastic add a pin to the end of your elastic to help feed it through the tube stitch the ends of your elastic together and sew up the opening in the elastic to make sure to repeat this on the other leg as well to complete the pants we need to add on a bandaged effect use the extra fabric we cut off earlier and cut around the pant leg on an angle to make one long strip of fabric repeat this to make two long strips find the middle of the strip and stitch it to this side seam of the pant leg this will make it easy for us to wrap it in place, when we put the pants on next to make her long drape sash start with one and a half meters of sheer gray or beige fabric cut three strips out of this fabric that are about one and a half feet wide so these all together to make one very long strip of fabric enough to go from your knee to your shoulder about four times, if you have fabric that phrase easily you can add a hem or you can carefully burn the edges to stop the frame please be extremely careful, if you’re going to do this one we’ll show you how to wrap it in just a bit. But first we are going to tackle the shoes for a shoes we recommend checking out your local thrift store for something similar they’re essentially a brown moccasin slash of, and we were lucky enough to find something that was pretty close we started by cutting off the fringe and the braided rope using a brown leather strip we cut that in half and then added it to the boots we made it look like it was attached in this seam at the front.

But this will bury for every kind of shoe you can have to it with fabric glue or sew it whichever works for you repeat adding the cord on the other side and these will essentially be laces or in added detail to the shoe that we will show you how to wrap and put on together later for a shirt start with a plain white cream or light gray t-shirt cut a slit down the center to create that v-neck look we also cut off the cuffs around the arms and bottom for that raw edge look to make the shirt look old and worn brew some dark tea and use a sponge to stain it onto the shirt we went around the neck sleeves and bottom as well as dabbing it on randomly throughout any place that would get dirty the quickest let it dry and it should look something like this for her arms we’re using some wrap bandage from a dollar store.

But you could use gauze or strips of fabric as well we wrapped it around the arm to estimate how much we would need and this ended up being about 13 feet ish forearm we took this off and again added some tea for that dirty stained look for her arm cuff we’re starting with this thick waist belt from the thrift store we cut off the middle bit. So we have two large leather bits and the buckle bits the one end was large enough to wrap around our wrists. So we’re just going to snip the braided bits off the other end. So we can belt it shut use fabric or leather glue to glue the belt fits to your original piece and belt it up keep in mind these steps will vary depending on whatever you can find it in thrift store for her belt you’ll need two matching belts one that fits around here waist and one long enough to hang down around your hip make sure you put the buckles at the back now we’re going to catch them together using a small strip of leather and adding it behind where the two belts meet we’re holding this in place with some binder clips until we glue it together for a satchel we found this small brown bag from the thrift store and we’re clipping it in place along the looser belts closer to the back once the belts are off attached to the leather connecting strip to the belts with some fabric glue and hold it in place with the binder clips to dry your belt also has a little bit of twine wrapped around the connection of the two belts so add it on as well with some hot glue the twine wraps around the bottom belt a few times and then around both belts to attach the bag we cut the straps and wrap them around the belts and glue them into place to add to the worn in look take some black paint and feather it around the edges of all of your leather on the belts and the wrist cuff all right all the pieces are made and we’re ready to get rayou fide let’s start with the shoes once your booties are on you can wrap the cords opposite ways around your ankle and tie it in knot for a nice detail the pants work in a similar way wrap the bandage around the bottom of the knee in opposite directions until they come to an end and you can tie them in and on the shirt is looking good.

But we need to add the sash start with all of your fabric in front of you and throw one end of your fabric back over your right shoulder and there should be just enough fabric hanging over your shoulder then it ends around your knee the rest of your fabric should still be in front of you on your left hand side next you’re going to loop that fabric around behind your left shoulder and then bring it over your left shoulder to cross and end at your right side your right side should have end pieces your left side should be a loop and the fabric crosses over the chest at the front next we added the belt which holds our fabric in place, if your sash pieces are slippery or just not staying right you can use velcro or a couple of stitches at the top to keep it in place we stitched along the top shoulder. But just remember, if you do do this you will have to put it on differently stepping it into it rather than draping it across yourself. But no big deal next come the bandages we rolled ours up after the tee effect was dry start by simply wrapping them around your arm and try not to do this too tight again you can use fabric or bandage to do this ours is actually adhesive. So we didn’t need any safety pins.

But you might need to keep those on hand depending on your material on the left arm we added the leather cuff and then we moved on to the hair to make raised buns divide your hair into thirds bring the first there back into a pony with a hair elastic. But don’t pull it all the way through leave a loop and then wrap the extra hair around the loop and secure it with a bobby pin repeat this two more times directly underneath the first loop and pull out some pieces around the face and your hair is complete and here’s a little bonus tip to go the extra step with your costume take some gray sidewalk chalk and crush it into a powder with a hammer use this powder to dirty up parts of the costume and even your face or hair for that lifted desert scavenger chic look don’t worry this chalk is non-toxic and safe on everything our favorite part about this costume is that she has a staff which makes the costume that much more epic to make the staff we started with this six foot tall wooden dowling that was about an inch thick we went to the electrical and plumbing section of the hardware store and found these PVC pieces that were pretty cool they fit our dowling perfectly and they looked pretty similar to raised staff you go all the way and replicate it perfectly. But, if you want something simple the hardware store is your best bet go there look around and see what you can find Rey has a middle section of her staff that’s kind of like the handle bit to find the middle we’re roughly marking the top of the shoulder down to the hand next we’re sliding on our first PVC accessory adding some hot glue and then sliding the accessory over the glue and holding it in place to secure it next we’re adding these two pieces side by side. But make sure you slide any pieces that you want to go on first before put in the end piece on we do the same technique using the hot glue and sliding it over we repeated this on the other side so our staff is symmetrical next we took the staff outside and painted it black except for the handle part in the middle once it was dry we took some black electrical tape and wrapped it around the middle to create a handle her staff actually has a strap for easy carrying.

So we took a piece of electrical tape folded most of it in half on itself and secured the open head of the tape to the staff wrap this around a couple times and secure the other end of the tape to the staff make sure to keep this loose enough. So that we can fit a swivel clip in it repeat this on the other end of the handle as well to make the strap we found this woven belt from the thrift store we cut off the buckle and added a swivel hook we got from the fabric store pull the belt over and added glue or sew it in places secure the swivel hook it’s been really easy to add to the staff measure to the end of the handle on the staff plus a little bit extra and cut your belt go ahead and have a swivel clip the same way and attach it to the staff that’s all it takes to make your very own Rea costume now go forth and defeat the first order all right I hope you guys enjoyed that ray costume I guess keep in mind that this kind of stuff we do is like middle ground between super easy and super like intense costly try and find a good middle ground for you guys so, if it’s not perfect don’t blame us we did our best yeah you can spend hours and tons of money making these things like exactly to the T. But we definitely don’t want to put that much money or that much time this is a great middle ground like that so that’s what we try um and also on this whole costume note um, if you guys have any Halloween Kush kind of notes or recommendations and you guys always like ask us in October to please do this costume for Halloween and it’s like we plan these things way far in advance, and we start shooting a little bit advance just to make sure we get them all done edited and great for Halloween so, if you have any ideas you would you can start sending them now we’re not we’re not going to complain I will come back to this post later on and check all your suggestions and pull from there so please let us know he’s like to see us do four holes here yeah and, if you would like to I don’t preemptively check out any of our other Halloween stuff of a playlist below just for funsies out of them cuz I know anybody you’re reading this Halloween maybe you’re reading that straight Halloween cautiously that’s probably weren’t a lot prefer to watch this post not right now alright well thank you so much for joining us with a guys, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it I still you’re saying it’s okay alright thanks so much guys.

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