Hi guys we’re and today we are here with chef is Maya yeah yeah I have a blog here and that’s how we met actually through Shannon yes and that you guys already collaborate yes yeah and my blog is all about tech posts to lifestyle to summer parties and sleepovers and everything in between and since Maya does do a lot of tech stuff we are here today and we’re gonna be DIY a ring light which I’m super annoyed by. Because we are posting with the ring light yeah and then we’re going to make this into something that costs a fraction of what I paid so alright let’s get right into the tutorial so the main component of this DIY room light is going to be this plastic tubing this is a one-inch plastic tube you can get it from the plumbing section of your hardware store very inexpensive and we’re going to build the ring like in this essentially let there be like the other main component you’re going to need this DIY room light is the lights obviously these are just stick on strip lights that we got online very inexpensive I think they’re meant for under cabinets. But we’re gonna be using it for a wriggly today so the first thing that we’re gonna do is cut this open just a little bit and get the lights in there a lot easier so since this is cut open now we can easily get our lights inside which is key it’s so key. So we got this clear tape here clear duct tape this is really gonna help us see kind of the ring light shape come together mm-hmm and it can be easier to put in our LED lights and then we just want to read out a cut in here.


So we can get our lights down like we said so the other piece that you’re really going to need for this project is this this is a cold shoe adapter it’s kind of got a threaded screw on it with two little screwy bits very technical the actual product will be linked below for you. But this is what’s going to put it on our camera it’s going to slide it to where you would put a flash on the camera. But, when I use it for our light instead so what we need to do is put a hole big enough for this screw to go in and hold onto this guy and then we also need to put in the second hole that our cord can come out of once you have the light skin there. So we’re going to put two holes in with our hand using on the drone nice beautiful so it’s super easy to drill into classic and, if you don’t have a drill you can always just like start stabbing it with your exact.

And I can make a hole very carefully and then our other ones I’m going to do right here at the bottom so this one’s on the inside. Because your camera is going to sit right here and then the core needs to come at the bottom so make sure you’re drilling it on the other side he’s cool yeah it’s coming together so now we can put this little guy in here so take the top screw off of our cold shoe and put in Mobile make sure you leave room here. So that you can fit it onto your camera since we caught a wholeness it’s pretty easy to put this guy on top and hold it tightly in place amazing look at this already looked all religious oh now that that’s all done we can start putting in our lights. So we’re just going to roughly cut how much we need out of all of this and yes you can cut this stuff guys that’s the cool part we’re actually gonna wrap it around twice just for Mack double right now right now.

So that should be good and then you’ve got to cut it on this little copper bits the lights to still work. But it’s prettier than that yeah so he’s straightforward so you’re doing two and you can let go ham and do three yeah you could and. So we’re just gonna cut them right on this copper bit here you got it so the length we cut it to is double the amount of our two. Because we want to double up our lights so it’s twice as bright essentially what we’re going to do is just fold it in half.

So that we’re laying both sides. So we liked you know as much of the space as possible mm-hmm and this comes with amazing like 3m stickiness. So we’re just gonna fold in half and stick it to itself and. So we have a front and back light so our tape popped off.

But it’s okay we’re gonna put it back on once we’re done inserting the lights yeah that’s how and as you now okay. So we’re going to start by putting our core piece through here and then we can start laying in here I love it like that’s coming together yeah we put it join forces okay now we have to take this whole guy back up. So we’re going to start by putting this clear tape back on that should have stayed there theory from the beginning so you’re the quick sidenote we notice that after a while our ring light started to sag a little bit. Because the pipe was strong and our tape wasn’t you have this problem just take a small bit of PVC piping this is just a little PVC pipe connector from your hardware store cost less than a dollar throw that on with some glue and it will fold much better than the tape this is an alternate method you may not have this problem at all and, if you don’t so much better okay so this is how it looks right now it’s it’s pretty amazing.

But it’s gonna be even more amazing, and we plug it it right for this it’s beautiful it’s beautiful how does that look it looks very wet oh yes okay so here’s will do unplug it and then we’ll show the difference okay okay without without so my ring lay all right so we’ve got a camera here that we’re going to show you how to put this on a camera your camera’s going to need to have one of these little flash arounds it’s going to need to have a hot shoe plate. Because this guy fits in here perfectly you want to demonstrate you look better oh yeah grill again and you now have a gorgeous ring of light yeah. Because normally you need a ring light which is going to cost you $200 $200 you’re going to need a separate stand for your ring light and then your camera so you’re eliminating the need for a stand yet guy and this won’t break, when you travel oh you better lose I never even thought that was ring light I’m like I don’t travel it you give literally like fold see there’s zero glass yes which is great look you can post with this. So I love how this turned out it looks so amazing and like legitimate for considering it costs under around $30.

00 so good winning this one I’m posting would cost me 200 and, when you discovered it fragile and this one you can kind of move around break with traveling yeah you were going to break you won’t like break the bulb here since it’s there’s no ball except exactly, if you want to know more about how to use this on the we do I didn’t learn more lighting tips in general cut it on a bias post come over to me we’re going to put this in action, when you see how it actually lights as well as other affordable lighting techniques I’m excited for this post and definitely go comment to my wire there as well. Because we love her content yes and, if you’re here for my is blog so welcome comment to us we’d love to have you guys we do DIY stuff all year round all different types of stops both come over alright thank you so much for checking out this post guys, if you liked it make sure you like it, if you’d love it make sure you sub it and what to buy.

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