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Hi everyone welcome back and today’s post will be showing you how to make super easy room and home decor DIYs without having to spend so much money to make your home even more beautiful I’m so excited to be partnering with heat clickers for this post. Because they offer the best reusable heat packs and they have a major sale going on their website for this holiday season so make sure to check them out their website is WWE curse comm and that’s heat clickers with a Z I’ll leave all their info in the description box along with the discount code. So you can use it on top of their sale going on you don’t want to miss it it’s such a great gift idea for your loved ones I wouldn’t ever recommend a product that I don’t 100% love so, when I say these are amazing it is my true and honest opinion to activate these packs all you have to do is bend the disk you see in the heat pack and once you hear the clicking noise you’ll see it activating and warms up instantly these are so cool definitely make sure to pick these up as soon as possible before their cell ends now let’s get started for this first DIY you will need 6 candle holders 3 LED candles from the Dollar Tree and a hot glue gun you will take your glue gun and glue the top of the candle holder.

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But be careful not to burn yourself here I will stack 2 candle holders together repeating the same thing only this time I’m going to stack three candle holders together and then one of them is left over and that one’s just going to stay single here’s the final result of a beautiful candle set I’ve seen a stunt like this other store for way more than what it’s worth and everything here was only nine dollars to create I’m still deciding, if I should leave this on my coffee table or leave it on an end table where would you style it I’d love to know for the second DIY I used wide ribbon I had leftover to go across the Mary coaster that you can buy at the Dollar Tree. But this coaster I bought a couple years ago from another store make sure you use ribbon wide enough to set a glass down so it won’t tip over I laid the ribbon down and made sure there was a little bit hanging off the mirror. So I can hot glue it to the back now using the hot glue gun I made the letter I to glue the ribbon down since the glue is so hot I used my scissors to press it down and then added more glue to the sides that needed it here’s how my decorated coaster came out you guys I really like this idea it can be used to glam up any home or just decorate any party theme that you have going on and here I just added the glass to show you that it’s not gonna tip over and that it’s totally fine as long as the ribbon is thick enough this next DIY is one of my favorites. Because it just makes the home more cozy all you’ll need is a trade to set everything in.

And I already had this tray on hand from home goods so any tray you would like to use will be great I got two bags of the white rocks from the Dollar Tree three candles and a pinecones from Walmart since I don’t live in an area that I can just go to my backyard and pick them up so, if you do that’s great all you’ll have to do is just paint them I put my rocks first. Because I want to give the candles just a little more height and then I just decorated this set how I want them to look. And I found some little acrylic gems I had left over from previous DIYs. So I just added it to it okay guys so this is one of my favorite DIYs I really like how this came out.

Because it just makes my home so cozy and the acrylic gems just give it a touch of glam I’m thinking of putting this set in my bathroom let me know where you would style it for this last DIY you will need six foam boards from the Dollar Tree these plates are from Hobby Lobby you will need three packs of the big plates and two packs of the small plates you’ll need three packs of the ring hangers each pack comes with two hangers you’ll need Gorilla adhesive glue and a colt gun all from Walmart so let’s get started the first thing you’ll need to make is the base of the project you’ll need the gorilla adhesive glue all over the foam board and lay the second foam board on top for extra thickness of the board for the ring hangers next measure the hangers on the left and right side of the top of the board. So that it hangs evenly my husband measured it to be about three by four now that the back is finished and ready to be hung I started laying the plates down to make sure it all fit accordingly once the big plates are glued you can glue the small plates in the center or edges according to where they will be placed here are the finished gold wall portraits this is such a great way to decorate any room or party and these plates also come in a silver color in a previous DIY I did I made the silver theme. So you can check that out I’ll link it below I wanted to do a gold one this time. Because I know many of you love gold.

So I wanted to show you the beauty that can be created I really like the border designs it just gives it an elegant look this concludes my post you guys thank you so much for reading and all your love and support I’ll talk to you in my next post have a blessed day and let me know which DIY you like best also don’t forget to check out heat clickers calm.

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