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Hi everyone I hope you are having a fantastic day so far welcome back and, if you’re new here welcome don’t forget to hit the comment button and turn on the notification Bell. So you can be notified, when I upload and today’s post I’m going to show you a couple of room and home decor DIYs give this post a thumbs up, if you’re enjoying these DIYs and let me know what you want to see next for this project you will need four black frame mirrors from the Dollar Tree make sure you pick these black frames and other silver frames.

Because these mirrors are actually a bit bigger you will need black paint and a paintbrush I got these from Walmart for a dollar and some change this wood is from Lowe’s it was a 2×4 footboard for ten dollars and they cut it for free to the measurements I needed. Because I purchased it from them I told them to cut for ten and a half inches by eight and a half inch boards and one nine and a half inches by eight and a half inches which is the base of the mirror box you will need gorilla construction adhesive glue wood screws an electric screwdriver and gemstone stickers you can use the silver bling wrap from the Dollar Tree that would work fine as well and save you a couple of dollars. But I wanted to give this smeared box extra bling the gemstone stickers are from Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off, if you go and they aren’t 50% off make sure to always use a coupon. Because on their website they have a 40% off coupon.

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And I just have them scan it from my phone starting off my husband drilled in one screw to each side of the wood boards and had them vertical position then he took the bottom of the base and drilled three screws on each side here’s a view to show you where he drilled the screws in I thought it was easier to show you rather than explaining where each one should go it came out super sturdy and strong this is the barcode for the what I used, if you want to use the same one next he is taking the gorilla construction adhesive glue and placing it on the wood to glue down the mirrors I wanted to show you there’s a little bit of space between the base and the wood that was screwed. So that the mirrors fit in perfectly and not stick out and scratch you just slay the mirror right on top and press firmly repeat this for the next through Muir decides for me this was the fun part I love painting so all I did was cover all of the visible wood and, if you get some on the mirrors it’s okay. Because it wipes right off with water and paper towel I let the paint dry for about 30 minutes and then it was time to add the bling wrap I wanted to make sure the wrap wouldn’t fall off. So I grabbed some e6000 glue and covered the areas the wrap would go this sling wrap is easy to cut so whatever was left over I grabbed my scissors and saved those pieces to fill in other spots I ran out of the three-piece thin rap gemstone stickers.

So I had to cut the thicker up and half to finish the box and ended up not using the second two-piece pack here’s how the mirrored box came out you guys I am so happy with the outcome I was inspired to do this DIY from a mirrored trashcan I saw at HomeGoods they had it for 39.99 and, when I went back it was sold a lot of beautiful things go quick. So I thought to myself what, if I try to remake their trashcan and that’s exactly what I did I know a lot of people would love to have one of these for their home. But they can’t ever find them.

Because they sell it so fast so this is definitely an alternative, if you can’t find it and really want it the total cost is about $30 and like I said before this is just a backup plan, if you can’t find the one at home goods to me has so many uses and it’s so well worth of 30 or 40 dollars I could put flowers on display for my end table on my entryway table use it to put towels and for the bathroom or use it as a blanket holder in the living room there are so many options to go with it’s awesome to get creative and just try out new things for the second DIY I’ll be showing you how to make 2 glam candle holders from the Dollar Tree you will need 4 round mirrors and 3 candle holders gem beads from Hobby Lobby these beads are priced $15.99. But they’re 50% off, when I went taking my hot glue gun I’m going to add a line of hot glue and use the biggest jumps to go around the candle holder first after that I can use whatever size comes up. Because, if you can see the different sizes it just makes it look more beautiful I’m going to leave the top of the candle holder without gems.

Because I’m going to hot glue the second candle holder on top. And I didn’t want the gems to get in the way of connecting them here I’m going to get you 6,000 glue and glue the rim of the candle holder and connect them both next I’m going to add some more of the e6000 glue to the bottom of the candle holder and place it on the center of the round mirror I’m going to hot glue more gems on the mirror to give it a fuller and bigger bottom base I’ll also add more gems to the middle of the candle holder where they connected to fill in the empty spots lastly adding some more glue to place the mirror on top I went ahead and glued the gems to the third candle holder to save some time and taking the bottom I also added glue and place it on the center of the mirror and add more gems on the base finishing with glue on top for the mayor I do want to let you know that this is time-consuming so, if you’re in a rush or just don’t have the patience to do something like this then I suggest to skip this DIY I personally love to do crafts and take my time on things to see the outcome I’ve always loved crafts since I was little now that I’m pregnant this is also something that helps me to relax and just have fun at home the result was definitely worth the time it took to make these I’m so happy with the way they turned out they look really elegant and you can’t even tell they were made using things from the Dollar Tree the gems make these candles look so glamorous. And I still have the case full of them to make other DIYs with I had pictured two candle holders on top of a book for my coffee table and this is just better than what I pictured you can also put jewelry on top or display dessert what would you place on them and where would you style these this last DIY is super easy and quick to make all you’ll need are things from the Dollar Tree you’ll need a pink bouquet of peonies or red roses a small flower vase and white rocks pouring the rocks in the little vase I cut the flowers about three inches. So that you can stick them right into the rocks after that I’m just going to arrange them to my liking and see how it comes out lately I’ve been really inspired to make little flower arrangements here and there I think it’s.

Because our baby girl will be born in the spring and we’re just so excited to meet her I also wanted to mention that we are past 80,000 commentrs you guys Wow I am so grateful my heart is full just to even think that you all are inspired in any way through this blog I started a year ago and it’s just so humbling and amazing to see how you all show your love and support on a daily basis not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for you all and you guys are just a true blessing in my life so in return I will be doing a giveaway in today’s post as a token of my appreciation I will pick two winners in each winner will receive one $25 gift card to either TJ Maxx or Target more details will be in the description box here’s the finish result you guys it came out so pretty I really like the way these two colors go together and with the white rocks that just gives it a spa-like feel I think I’m gonna place this set in my guest bathroom with the candle this is also a perfect gift to give somebody and it was only four dollars to make and you can use whatever flowers and color combo you want so this concludes my post thank you all so much for reading and all your love and support have a beautiful and blessed week.

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