Hi guys it’s Abby we miss our girls and today’s DIY is going to be a combo of a round beach towel and a beach towel builder yes these are great be she’ll well everybody needs a beach towel I show it’s kind of like a blanket to like a blanket placing the layout on and the holder the leather strap holder is an upcycled from old belts and it’s great to use on like yoga mats a false a blanket picnic blanket towel you name it whatever these round towels we’ve seen it like magazines online even in the comments you guys have been talking about them the apprentice from popping up everywhere yeah and, if you like beach showers are one of those things that you just have for years and you never think about getting any one cuz it’s just a beach towel yeah like we want beach towel to be more than huge holidays post so here is how you can DIY your own very cute round beach towels oh. But first comment thanks G these towels can sometimes be bulky to hold so our first DIY is this amazingly practical towel strap we’re going to be using some upcycle belts for the bulk of this. So we headed to the surf store and picked up three belts take your belt and wrap it around one side of the rolled-up towel your belt probably won’t have a hold this far in.


So we marked where our new one will go use a leather punch to punch a new hole we also added holes on either side to make it look a little bit more like a belt lay your first built on top of your second belt to easily mark out matching holes punched these out as well cut the ends in a v-shape to make them a little bit more finished and then strap your belts up to make sure that they fit well to get their belt and loop it under the first two to attach this belt to the bottom ones we’re using a combo of hot glue and some twine glue your two belts together where they connect and then wrap the twine around them on an angle we wrap the twine on both angles to create an X shape use the hot glue again to hold the end of the twine in place for the top handle measure out how tight you’d want it to be since our third belt is a braid and it might unravel pretty easily we’re going to glue first and cut second use some hot glue to glue your belts together in a loop next using some thicker twine we glued one end into place and then wrap the twine around the belts to create a nice secure grip gluing as we went glue and cut the twine once you’re done you can use this holder for picnic blanket Co commands for this gorgeous circle beach towel which we’re going to show you how to make right now since we couldn’t find a towel as big as we wanted we’re starting with two average size towels from the thrift store pin the two edges together and then use the sewing machine to sew the two towels together to create one large one fold your towel in half and then in half again to create four layers use some sharp scissors to cut the towel on a curve once you open it up you should have a circular shape.

We went around the entire edge with the sewing machine to stop it from shedding so much next we’re going to add some dye to the towel to make it a little bit more personalized following the directions on our package of orange dye fully soak the towel with hot water next fill is small jar with hot water and dissolve the dye into it use a stirring stick to make sure the powder fully dissolves you’ll also want to fill a stainless-steel sink or a large bucket with hot water and dissolve five tablespoons of salt into it for a towel we want to create a circular ombre effect so start by grabbing your towel from the center and laying it out up in a scrunch line use some rubber bands to tie the towel tightly in four sections you can do as many or as little sections as you want once your small bastardize ready pour it into the large bucket or sink in this case of water to create the ombre effect you need to add more and more of the towel into the die slowly we dipped our first section in and left it for thirty minutes then we added the second section in for another twenty minutes and then we added the third section for a final ten minutes we decided to leave the last section out.

Because we wanted some for a towel to remain white again remember to consult the directions on your diet since the instructions may be different once the dyeing time is up we rinse the towel out in some cold water washed it in some warm water and then let it air dry once it was drying it looked like this the final touch is to add a fringe around the edge using some matching orange cord cut strips around seven inches long use scissors to cut slits in the towel and then loop the cord through and tie it in a knot repeat this all the way around the towel to give it a nice so that’s how we made a round beach towel and the leather strap holder for it we almost could have branded this posts like a surf lift post. Because so many things we’re problem with their store. So I know you guys love that.

Because it’s super affordable yeah we’re not about to buy like $20 towels and then and then kind of like we’re not crazy no no exactly. And I know that you guys love this summer beachy DIY. So we actually have some plan that we’ve already posting at the moment swimsuit so those will be coming out very soon so make sure you stick around for that you know, if you comment you don’t have to worry about remembering. Because it’ll just pop up yeah who wants to worry about remembering crazy sweat the summer exactly all right well hope you guys are having a great summer, if you like this post make sure that you like it, if you love it make sure you sub it now we’ll see you next week bye bye.

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