Hi everyone today we have a DIY that turned out really good We’re like sitting on our table. We’re like bouncing ideas off of each other. We’re like can we make a rug? I don’t know. I don’t even know how it came up We like talked about this forever ago ‘can we make a rug?’ and instantly we were like, No that’s silly and impossible. Yeah. I don’t know recently I was rethinking about it and like no way, it probably is possible. Let’s try it.

We tested it out actually With like this we have which is made it of like the metal chicken wire if you guys remember that basket post Link that below, but we tested it out with this with some chunky yarn that we had and we’re like okay This is working, so let’s-let’s do this for real And I feel like rugs are having a moment again like I don’t know. Rugs When I was young like weren’t cool. Same with plants. I was like, ‘What?’ Oh your mom just had rugs in the house Just so the floors didn’t get dirty, but now it’s like a statement piece in the room. Yeah, so it’s cool We get to DIY one that’s actually like super trendy right now too. So this is our take on how to DIY a Moroccan inspired-rug. So to get started you’ll need plastic chicken wire from the hardware store and Giant yarn in your desired color or colors.


Start by rolling out your chicken wire and cut it to your desired carpet size. We laid ours out on some craft paper because we’re planning to do a black design on a mostly white rug. We took a Sharpie, outlined the size of our rug, and then drew the design with a pencil onto the craft paper We found that this was the easiest way to figure out what design we wanted and then to transfer that design with a sharpie to The chicken wire once we had decided Drawing this design onto the wire will help us know where to put which color of yarn where. We’ll explain this a little bit more later. Once the design is drawn on, we’re taking the chunkiest yarn we could find. We’re going to go down the horizontal rows of the chicken wire skipping every other one Unless there’s black in the design and only tying a piece of yarn to every vertical side of the square Leave the first column free because we’ll need this for the tassels later. Without cutting the yarn, twist the end and slip it in from the top, under the vertical side of the chicken wire square, and back up the other side.

Tie a knot with about an inch and a half of the yarn sticking out on the end and pull tight. Be careful not to go super tight or the plastic wire will start to curl Then you can go ahead and cut the side of the yarn that is still attached to the spool at a similar height We’re gonna come back and trim this all later. Keeping the yarn on the spool is ideal to not waste yarn as well as it’s Easier to tie the yarn when you have a longer piece. Continue adding your knots. When you meet your part of the chicken wire that has a designs on it, make sure to switch up your yarn in the color of your choice. Since our black line is pretty skinny We made sure not to skip any rows where the black was on. We tied a knot on every single piece of the black square So we knew that this rug was gonna take a long time And it’s something that’s more of a labor of love much like knitting an entire sweater or doing a super complex painting It’s not something you get done in a day so for our purposes We wanted to get this post done in the week instead of a couple months So we realized halfway through that this was gonna take a while so we cut our chicken wire in half So it was more manageable So you can make your rug in any size you could even attach the pieces of chicken wire together to make an even bigger one But something about the size of our rug did take about 12 hours to do over two days so anyways once all of your knots Are tied and you’re finally done that you can go ahead and trim your rug We’re just gonna want to make everything kind of the same height because when you’re tying, you’re not really paying attention to that so you’re Gonna trim everything and make sure everything is the same height you can work on this rug when you’re reading TV Or just like hanging with your friends work on it a little bit of a time and eventually a hover.

I’ve done Oh, it’s like doing a puzzle those take forever too – but they’re fun. Well. We were writing right now. Just our go It’s gotta be something else that’s like. That’s what it’s like doing. Or Monopoly. Oh God We also have the idea once our rug was done to get one of these sticky rug pads We realized that this was expensive and probably not totally necessary for the size of rug we’re doing but if you’re doing a giant rug Or something’s gonna be stepped on a lot, and you don’t want it shedding or slipping This is a really good idea to just stick on the back of your room.

This was about 20 bucks You can get it or not yeah, up to you. And our last step is to add some tassels We looped one long piece of yarn Folded in half through the end of the squares that we left free. Push the folded end through a square about an inch or so Loop the other ends through it to form a knot Make sure that however many individual pieces that you have in the end is divisible by three Once your row is complete, take three of the end pieces and braid them together Tie them in a knot and then trim the extra yarn if you need to. Repeat until you have all your pieces of yarn braided I can’t believe how legit this looks I feel like I’ve been saying that lot recently. Our DIY games been on point Well if I don’t. Although it takes some time if you guys are like avid DIYs or just really into making this DIYs, it’s Yeah easy it takes time. Time is money and like it does shed a little bit like any kind of rug does and then adding the Pat on the back would help a little bit with that I have like an non-DIY one that sheds really badly too so.

Same, my carpet upstairs like constantly on me so Carpet life man. So we ended up using two rolls of yarn yeah The gigantic size that you guys saw and about half of the black and each one was eight – eight dollars Yeah, something like that – Canadian so even cheaper if you’re in America That’s like twenty four dollars, well plus the chicken wire which was like ten bucks or something Yeah, but you can make like a lot of these with yeah It’s crazy these things go for like five hundred dollars online. I mean we’re making a small size, but still that’s awesome Thank you guys so much for reading this post. A couple things if you haven’t noticed: we’re uploading three times a week now What? Which is honestly crazy because that’s us posting and making three posts a week. The Thursday post That’s our kind of the new posts. They’re a little bit more lifestyle like Becky. Just did oh, what’s in my makeup bag? Yeah And those ones we push out pretty quickly.

We get to do more of the series that you guys love like thrift flip and dollars store Challenge. That’s gonna happen like way more regularly And then we’re planning Tuesdays to be like a very like this is a DIY tutorial Hope you guys enjoy that and then also if you might have noticed the sponsor button down there We mentioned it before if you’re a sponsor you get some perks if you click the button They’ll kind of like tell you a little bit more. Tweet us if you have any questions. Just another way to support us. Comment please, maybe? Thank you guys so much for reading. Like it if you like it. And love it if you sub it.

Sub it if you love it – I said it backwards. Anyways. How many years have we been doing this? Okay, bye guys. Bye

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