Hey you for those of you who don’t know I am getting married this August so excite there’s lots of stuff on the post blog to fill you in there’s a blog about, when I got engaged yeah just so so fun. But a lot of you are asking about wedding DIYs and, if I could do them so obviously wedding DIYs are kind of personal. But I just want to show you what I’m doing to give you some inspiration so today we’re doing wedding invitations. But these are just invitations that you could do for anything yeah yeah and the other DIYs that we have planned for this again could just be like decor or like party yeah already DIYs yeah or wedding, if your day married – yes so stay tuned.

Because there’s gonna be more in this sort of series as well and also check out the post blog for more updates on wedding stuff – Before we jump into it are you commentd. Because you should be seriously we have so much fun on this blog, and we take your ideas all the time like this one everyone was like, when I DIYs wedding DIYs I was like okay okay what do it alright enjoy the post guys okay. So I wanted to bring you guys on a little adventure with me. Because I wasn’t sure exactly how they were gonna turn out I didn’t know what I wanted until I went to the craft store and figured it out since it’s nearly spring they had so many amazing floral options I did not know what to do so here are my three options I ended up choosing from I ended up going with the dried eucalyptus.


Because it was actually a real plant as opposed to the other two that were fake ones in the paper aisle there were so many options as well. But I knew I wanted a textured thick watercolor paper so here is the one I ended up going with so the base of these invitations are made out of watercolor paper. Because I love the texture watercolor paper. And I know that I want to add a color defect to the pages I’m going to be making about 80 invitations.

And I know that I can fit two per sheets. So I need about 40 sheets of watercolor paper this is a hundred and forty pound watercolor paper meaning it’s pretty thick just know that the thinner the page you go the easier it will be to print on. But of course you won’t have that nice thick paper look, if you like that for the envelopes I’m just using this brown craft paper envelope and these are five by seven envelopes and as you can see I can fit two on a piece of paper which is going to make my life so much easier it basically cuts the work I have to do in half for the colored effect I am using this watercolor palette this is so it’s from a craft store. But it’s one of my favorites.

Because it has such good colors in it like this taupe this purple this blue this peach all of these are my favorite colors in the palette so here’s the technique I ended up going with to dye these pages I start with a topi Brown. And I dip it in some water and go around the edges then I mix in a little bit of this purple so it’s not too Brown and those colors combined make something that looks like this and. Because I’m putting two invitations per sheet I need to go down the middle as well. Because I’m going to be ripping this in half.

And I want it to be nicely colored on both sides then I’m just using a large dry brush to blend the color together this makes. So that the whole page has a wash of color and there’s not really any out blank white spots on it and then I set this out to dry this is what forty drying invitation papers look like so as I leave all of those pages to dry I’m going to show you how I actually designed the wedding invitation. So I designed this invitation in Photoshop just. Because I know it really well.

But you can use whatever program you’re comfortable with or you have I’m starting with a page that is five by seven. Because that’s how big I want the invitation to be. And I’m doing 300 dpi which produces a pretty nice quality for printing I knew I wanted to do our names in a nice pretty script. So I started with this first.

And I’m doing this in one of my favorite fonts which is bombshell Pro for the rest of the text on the information I’m using the font Georgia it’s a nice serif font. And I’m playing with different versions of that font such as the regular version that then version the bold version. And I’m messing around with the spacing. Because I think space letters often look a little bit nicer I played around with having the different titles on the invitation be in bombshell as well.

But I ended up thinking it was a bit too fancy. And I want to keep it specific to our names. So I ended up switching these back to Georgia as well on the end and just so everyone knows I’m using fake information for this sample invitation just. Because privacy reasons.

But of course here is where you put the right information to your event so to go along with this invitation I also made a website where people can RSVP I just think it’s a lot cleaner than having people mail you back responses that way it’s in an email and it’s really organized for me. But of course you could make RSVP cards as well, if you wanted I think those are super cute so once I had all my information in I just played around with different Styles and spacing until I had it exactly how I wanted it to be now for getting these printed I am making a second document that’s the size of my watercolor sheets which is nine by twelve and again 300 dpi and then I can bring over everything I made in the original document and place it in the new document so it’s spaced nicely I doubled this up. Because I’m printing two per sheet and lastly I’m saving this as a tiff file. Because that’s a really nice file format for printing and then they can take this file to my printer and have my invitations printed on the watercolor sheets.

So I went to Staples and they said that they wouldn’t be able to print my text on to that paper. Because they can’t put paper in their printers that’s not official staples paper. Because these stores don’t actually own the printers they rent them from like the company and the company won’t let them risk random paper messing up their machines which I I kind of I totally get so, when we went to do our DIY business cards post which was done very similarly it was the watercolor paper um I just called random printing houses around and found one that would let me bring my own paper. So I guess that’s what I’m gonna do again hi there I was wondering are you able to print text on to paper that I bring in like my own paper looks good I am gonna go try that place fingers crossed they could do it.

Because then invitations are almost done so once all my custom colored sheets are dry here’s what they’re looking like and here are the invitations back from the printer I am so unbelievably happy with how these turned out now of course you could definitely print these yourself with your own printer. But I just found it was faster and sometimes the quality is a little bit nicer, if you go to a printing house. And I think it only cost me around $10 to get all of this printed it’s super affordable to cut these invitations I’m going to be ripping them to give them a nice soft edge get a ruler that has a square right angle edge it’s going to make cutting a straight line so much easier and again remember my envelope was five by seven. So I need to make sure that I’m ripping these to fit inside the envelope make sure you hold the ruler really tight to the paper and rip slowly this makes a much more softer organic edge than, if you were to cut them with have scissors for some extra detail I’m using some waxed thread.

And I’m wrapping it around the invitations a couple of times so here’s the dried eucalyptus I ended up going with. And I’m just cutting off small bits for the invitations and then lay them underneath your wax thread to hold them in place and the great thing about this eucalyptus is that it folds really nicely so it can compact itself into an envelope pretty easily for writing all my addresses on the envelope I went with this white gel pen. Because it shows up really nicely against the brown craft paper and now all that’s left is to put my invitations in the envelopes and mail them out alright I hope you guys enjoyed that I am so happy with how they turned out I hope this inspires you, if you are having a wedding or you’re just doing sort of like an outdoor party thing that you need invites for can’t wait see at my invite in the mail thank you oh yeah it’s coming. But again stay comment to this blog or comment, if you’re not already and for more wedding DIYs coming soon yes and just see how eyes in general we have lots of those coming it’s like spring summer vibes coming up yeah right, if weddings are gonna thing don’t worry there’s other not wedding content coming as well and lots of other stuff you can watch.

Because our blogs like super old, and we have a velocity I want there’s so much DIYs available for you guys alright thank you guys so much for reading this post, if you liked it make sure that you like it and, if you love and make sure you serve it I’ll see you next time hi.

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