We’re so excited to show you guys this one. Yeah, if you guys don’t know who we are I know a lot of you guys do. But if you don’t, we DIY stuff all the other times of the year, and when Halloween comes, or in, like, September, or whatever time it is right now, we start Halloween costumes. This time we wanted to try something a little bit different so we used a lot of actual foam to make this costume because we thought it would be cheap and everyone can find it pretty much everywhere – instead of using more obscure materials. – And it’s so easy to work with too. Exactly. So we tested it out this time.

I really like how it turned out. You guys can let us know what you think as well. If you guys aren’t already commentd to this blog, you can do us a huge favor by hitting that comment button. That shows us that you like what we’re doing, we can keep doing what we’re doing, just trying to make it out here in this YouTube world, you know? And that makes sure that you don’t miss any of the other Halloween posts that are coming super soon. All right, so let’s get on to how you can make the modern Wonder Woman. KELSEY: To make our modern Wonder Woman costume, we are going to start with an inexpensive black corset, tan and red foam, navy scrap leather, and gold and red metallic paint. We folded the corset in half and started tracing out a jagged design onto our foam that is similar to the front of her corset piece.


We’ll link our reference photo below. This includes pieces that are about 1½ inches wide that go down on one end diagonal and then another, as well as straight pieces and even little slivers. There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do this step. We’re just trying to create the same look of her corset which kind of looks like a bunch of metal pieces came together to create a sexy armor top. Once we are done one side, we have this. This is the front and this is the back. We need to cut out the entire thing again for the other front side and the other back side.

Don’t mix up your pieces. Make sure you remember where you wanted them to lay on the corset. Once we had doubled everything, we painted our foam with metallic red paint. And once it’s dry, we started to hot glue it onto our corset. While you’re wearing the corset. So make sure you have a shirt on underneath because this might get a little hot. When attaching, we left a gap in the middle for some gold details that we will add later.

Add the pieces on with small ribbons of black showing through it. You might need to trim the pieces as you glue them on, but that is A-okay. We did the front, making sure both sides were symmetrical, and then moved on to the back. Make sure that you don’t cover up the zipper in the back. Trim all the pieces that are hanging over the top and the bottom of the corset. Looking quite sexy, but who isn’t sexier when they have gold accents? Nobody. – Nobody.

BECKY: So now using our tan foam we’re cutting out this giant W/arches with a deep point and our eagle shape. Create something that looks similar to this and make it gold, baby. To attach it to our corset top, we hot glued the eagle on starting in the middle. So now, let’s move on to the skirt. For the skirt, we pulled together some scrap pieces of navy leather we had laying around the office. You can find scrap leather at a leather store or online and we even painted some a navy blue if you don’t have exactly the right color leather.

We just copied our Wonder Woman reference photo and cut out one large center flap with two shorter flaps on either side of that, followed by layers of angled pieces that will go until the side of the thigh. The back is made up of more flaps similar to the front but just longer and more of them because we are Wonder Woman, not Booty Woman. – But you can be Booty Woman if you want. Do you. – Do you. BECKY: To attach the leather skirt pieces, we opened our corset with the inside facing up and added small lines of glue. We attached the middle front piece first, followed by a piece beside that and then our 3 angled pieces.

Think about the ways these are overlapped. You want it to look good from the front. This flap will start at the side and we’re adding it under the three angled pieces. We jumped to the back flap and glued it half on the back. It’s gonna be in the center back, so make sure the zipper lays midway through the flap. On the other side, we glued this flap higher than normal because our large middle flap will need to tuck underneath it once we put it on. For the Wonder Woman belt, we created a template for you.

Bless templates. You can visit our website for free downloads of all the templates we’re using in this post. Cut out the W belt portion out of tan foam and then as much of the straight belt as you need to wrap around your waist also out of the tan foam. And then, you guessed it, we painted it gold. Before we attached it to the costume, we glued the diamond piece behind the W the same way it is in our reference photo. Simply glue the belt onto the costume, making sure that you’re covering the seam between the corset and the skirt. However, we just tried to glue on the corset rather than the leather skirt.

Repeat all the way around but make sure to leave a gap at the back so you can still do up the zipper. – And you’re now done the base of your costume! Yay! – Yay! – Okay, let’s do the shoes. – Shoes. KELSEY: For the boots, we’re actually starting with these wedge shoes from the thrift store. We gave them a quick coat of gold spray paint. Back inside, we used our red foam to cut out pieces that cross the shoes and tan foam to represent the gold stripe that goes all the way down the shin. We painted the red a metallic red and the tan a gold.

We then hot glued the gold pieces onto the center of the red straps and next we cut out mini straps from some scrap leather we had. We cut 12 in total. These will hold on the red and gold portions to the shoes. Use some hot glue to attach the straps to the red foam on either side. Next, with your foot in your shoe, glue the leather straps to one side of your shoe. For the first crossed piece, we were able to also glue it to the other side, but for the second and third crossed piece, we had to add Velcro. Otherwise you won’t be able to get your foot in and out, so you want to be able to unstrap these so you can do that.

Repeat this on the other side and now we’re going to make the shin and knee boot parts. We cut out these three shapes, one for each leg. This is another template, so you can head on over to our website for that. The shin piece will be red and the knee piece and the top knee piece will be gold. Go ahead and paint those. We’re back, and we also cut out long strips of foam and painted them gold to go directly down the center of our shin and knee pieces. It’ll match our shoes perfectly.

Glue those bad boys down, and bringing in all the pieces, use hot glue to attach the piece above to the piece below. So the knee to the shin piece and the top of the knee piece to the knee piece. Next we cut leather straps similar to the shoes, but these straps will wrap all the way around and attach to the other side of the boot piece. Attach these the same way with hot glue and Velcro. We added three straps on each boot, and make sure you repeat that for the other side. For the accessories, we wanted to make everything super simple for you guys, so we made templates for the arm cuff, the wrist cuff, and the headband, and that’s all gonna be linked in our blog below, so make sure you go check that out. BECKY: Cut out your pieces out of tan foam because this will be gold.

Make sure you flip one of your wrist cuffs so they’re opposite. We’re using our Velcro friend to hold our wrist cuffs in place. Glue the triangle piece behind the V-cut in the arm cuff, the same way we did the belt. And again, Velcro helps us keep the arm cuff in place, but it’s also easier to take on and off. Lastly, the headband. Glue the triangular shape behind the V-cut and add elastic that fits your head to either end of the headband. – It’s kind of like a forehead band, yeah? – Forehead band.

BECKY: So we’re so close to the finishing line! Taking two leather belts and some scrap leather, we’re going to make our sword and rope harness. We removed the buckle on one of our first belts and wrapped it over the shoulder and under the arm. And then glue the two ends together. The second belt, also sans buckle, should be glued to the front center of the other belt. Wrap it underneath the arm and attach it to the back center-ish. From here, we added a strip of leather to the harness to act as our rope holster. On the back, we’ll add our sword holster.

We picked up this sword for ten dollars and spray-painted the handle gold. We used a strip of scrap leather on the top and bottom portion of the harness to hold our sword in place. And it works really well. Especially because our sword is plastic! A real sword would be dangerous and might not work so well. Don’t don’t use a real sword. Okay, so the very last step is to add details to your costume. No matter what you’re being this year for Halloween, if you DIYed it, you need to add these special details to make it look authentic and worn-in.

KELSEY: Using multiple gold paints, paint pens, and 3D paint we had laying around, we added details on every gold part of the costume. I think it makes the whole thing look way less like foam just glued together. All right, last step wait, one second. Ah! Much better! Okay, we got this synthetic lace front wig from Everyday Wigs. Huge shoutout. Thanks, guys, for sending us this dope wig. It’s so beautiful.

I think it’s the nicest wig we’ve ever used. We’ll definitely have the links below where you can get this exact wig because we think it’s perfect for Wonder Woman. And another post we have coming up, so it’s, like, dual purpose. All right, we hope you guys enjoyed that modern Wonder Woman costume. For a full list of materials and description of instructions and cost and all that fun stuff and more pictures, go to our blog. – There’s like a whole roundup of this post, basically. – And free templates! Exactly! In blog form, so head on over there to check that out.

And if Wonder Woman isn’t quite your thing, we have, like, tons, tons of Halloween costumes on our blog. This is what we started our YouTube blog doing. So we have, like, probably a hundred costumes on our blog. I’m just gonna put that out there. Maybe not that many, but a lot of really quality ones. And especially if you’re into the whole, like, superhero comic-book world, we’ve done Poison Ivy, we’ve done Harley Quinn. Just go check out all of our costumes.

There’ll be something that you’ll like, – I guarantee. – We’re doing another one this year. Another one? And if you guys aren’t already commentd, do us a favor. Hit that comment button. We’d love to see you guys here more often. – If you like this post, make sure that you like it. – If you love it, make sure you sub it.

– And we’ll see you next time! Bye! – Bye!.

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