Hello everyone today we have a DIY for you and it is a pretty little bracelet with the infinity symbol and this is a super cheap way to do it you don’t want to go out and buy one present like you can buy little charms at Michael’s or your concert and they’re going to be like five six seven dollars just for the charm. But guess what the main charm app using for the Infinity bracelet is actually called an S hook and it’s a piece of hardware that you can find at Home Depot or Lowe’s aronia, and we got a whole package of them for 80 cents I think there you go so your take charm multiple charms are 80 cents versus like five dollars for one okay so to start off you’re going to want to go out and get some leather cord we got it came in a pack of three different colors. So we’re using the blue for this one and what you’re going to want to do first is measure out how long you want your bracelet to be. Because we’re making a wrap bracelet um I measured we measured three times yeah measure the length how long it would be, if I wrapped it around my wrist three times yeah and you can do it obviously however long or short you want it and then just cut it off leave a little bit extra load like I’d say 3 inches alright so once you have that you’re going to take a small jump ring and you’re actually going to open up and put it on to your s hook and then you’re going to take the piece of leather that you just cut out or piece of leather that you just cut and you’re going to string it through, and we use superglue.

But you can use hot glue to uh we found that hot glue didn’t work as well. But it definitely still worked. But we superglue, and we just held it together. So that your infinity symbol your jump ring and your leather rope are all on one all together now so now like you’re almost done the hard part now is just figuring out how to close it so what we did was we took a slightly larger jump ring we ended up getting a pack of like bearings assorted yeah Michaels so he found it was a little bit bigger than the one we first used, and we took some pliers and opened it up and bent the one side in so it kind of creates like a little lower case a yeah that’s I think of it again.

So you have like a little hoop and then kind of a hook once you have that you’re basically going to do the same thing the edge of the other side which is loop the Rope through the small loop and super glue it shut yeah, when you bend it into the a you want to make sure that it kind of like we’re gonna use the word click it clicks on to the infinity symbol you want it to be just tight enough. So that it fits on to the infinity symbol. But not least not that it will fall off, when you’re wearing it yeah that makes sense a little experimenting yeah and. So you just wrap it on and click it on and you’re good to go and you can do this with, if you don’t like the wrap look you can definitely just do this single like a single wrap it’s only wrapped around your wrist once like a normal bracelet would be yeah that’s really cute way to do too and, if you have any extra chain around your house you can also use the jump rings and some pliers to kind of maneuver a chain version and you can make the set of any color leather or you could do it at a rope or twine or anything really and then you find these are great.

Because you get the whole pack radius and so then you can make I think what say like a come in a pack you can add eight for all your friends and they’re really cheap and they actually look really good and this will be good for spring and summer coming up they make great gifts. So we hope you guys enjoyed that DIY and they should describe for more DIYs coming, if you liked it like it and, if you do make any of these send up to a week a picture yeah or you can tell us on tumblr or whatever whatever is your thing yeah we’d love to hear from you I see you next week thanks guys bye you.

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