Wait wait wait like I had one thing guide you whispering no Hey guys my name is Kelsey My name is Becky, and we’re And we’re back doing another what can we make for no money challenge? You know when you’re feeling a little empty in the pockets and you’re just like I still want a DIY But I don’t want to spend any money I know last time we did this you guys loved it But a lot of you said it like wasn’t fair because we have so much to work with It’s still a challenge for ourselves though because I’m always like I’ve seen that stuff before it’s not interesting to me I don’t know what to make with it. So hopefully it’ll Entertain You either way so this time We’re switching it up a little bit instead of having three different categories we must use stuff from, everything’s fair game, but we’re throwing in one wacky item and That is the pipe cleaner.

Yeah, what about why would why did we buy these every time we clear out the drawers We are always like what can we not keep anymore and every time we’re like oh, but maybe we’ll use them So let’s keep them now we have this and we don’t use them, so we’re gonna have to incorporate it into this DIY We also decided that the theme would be to make a handbag or a bag or a clutch or purse or something I’m going away this weekend, and I could use one so why not why not all right. We’re gonna give ourselves two hours I mean, I’m just assuming we’re making this purse we might have to fight over the sewing machine, so that’ll be an issue. And we have our little post cameras so you can see up close what we’re actually working on Daniella Can you start a timer two hours? Okay, let’s do this, okay? I know I’m gonna come to this fabric drawer first because this could be the make or break it. Okay. I feel like we already did Sequins so nope. I was so excited for this to be a long chain just kidding just kidding. Okay, Becky was checking out the chain and look what I have over here.


I used the chain for the dollar tree DIY. I can take these parts and use them. Are you whispering? No. Oh! I found the good-looking ones! Okay. We said we have to use these ones Becky. No. We said pipe cleaners.

We had this on the table. Okay, fine, whatever I’m gonna make it work, and it’s still gonna be glamorous Okay Now to make something. Let is speak to you. Tell me tell me about yourself. Okay my plan is to do something with gold Hardware, but these rings are silver, so I’m gonna paint them or paint one to match. Okay, so I get like extra points if I use a lot of pipe cleaners. Hey you let the audience decide.

Okay guys update I have my pipe cleaner like woven together to make it thicker Because I’m actually using the pipe cleaner for the wire of it So that I can kind of keep my bag a little bit sturdy. I’m gonna steal that sewing machine from you. Oh my god. Can we get a sewing machine that isn’t from the 80s? Sewing machine company, any one of you, sponsor me It’s like literally my grandma’s sewing machine. Sorry, not sorry actually. Insert patch here. Ooh! Get our patches guys mine would totally work! no bonus points It’s cool but No bonus points So the plan kind of is to make a little bag out of whatever this black like vinyl is and then Make a flap that comes over like that.

Kind of need this guy and he’s out of commission at the moment. Sorry Insert my fancy pipe cleaner wire thing Daniela what’s the time? Kind of like screwed myself over though by making it on this fancy angle because now everything else I do has to be angled and It’s like eight times harder. Shoulda just made a rectangle. Imagine you could bottle up and sell creativity Imagine you could bottle up and sell smarts. Rich people would just be the smartest most creative best, everything. Yeah. I mean I feel like that’s how the world goes anyways because the rich people can educate themselves with schooling and stuff.

That wage gap though. Anyways Can I have the sewing machine back? So My painted ring turned out looking identical to the non-painted one. I don’t know what happened It didn’t stick or something so I guess I’m going with a silver theme now But I found this black chain when I was researching for silver stuff, so I might just go with this guy. Haha, researching? Researching. I’m just gonna use my extra time maybe and add some of the new Sorry girls patches now available at sorry girls dot com slash shop, maybe? link, link below But I’m pretty much done too- except for this pipe cleaner situation so I need to make Something that’s gonna work. I’m giving this band-aid like little freckles speaking of you can now get like Tattooed freckles like the same way and get your brows done. As somebody with freckles Eye-roll.

Like I had one thing guys. I don’t get fake eyelashes. I don’t get any of that crap I just like have freckles. Is that the way blondes feel about everyone else that dyes their hair blonde? Probably. How long do we have Daniella? Well we’ll be done earlier than that. Okay, so my plan for this pipe cleaner. I can’t, can’t even be secret, secretive because you’re literally right here I’m gonna make like a little bag charm like a la Fenty things that are overly priced.

Oh, cute! and uh Thanks! And we’ll see if it works out. Fendi, fede and the bags cost $10 While Becky um finishes up her DIY, I can tell you guys My original idea. So I was going to, so you can just judge me based on that If you don’t like this idea And youWait wait wait, let me tell you five other great ideas if you like any of those I win. So we both finished with how much time is left, Daniela? Pretty good, and we weren’t rushing. So what’d you make? This really interesting Bag it’s like a clutch, and it has a little teddy bear charm on it I’m not sure like the black and the red and the chain is giving me like a pretty Punk vibe that I wasn’t going for but we ended up this way Let me know what you think super creative.

I love this like back pops although this reminds me a lot of your last Made with nothing DIY. If you do something well keep doing it. last time. I got to like pick it apart, butDo your worst. Surely good, so I made this this like almost like a folder.

It’s a really cool like folder bag We got some snaps in here added some patches. Yeah, I feel like you get like draw on this bag like do whatever Very summery yeah, it’s very like I’m going to the beach. Yeah, very cute well We will probably have a poll like we do in our other challenges Yeah, whose was your fave or tell us in the comments below Let me know what theme you guys want for the next one. I know you guys wanted like a chopped style We’re literally like I’m afraid to do that though Like if we had like five things like a pipe cleaner and a piece of wood and a whatever whatever Like I just don’t even know how it would turn out. I mean maybe it would be amazing but Okay, thanks guys for reading if you liked it make sure you like it if you love it make sure you sub it and if you Want to get a patch link in the description, okay? Bye?.

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