Hello my name is Chelsea we are this Orioles and we’re back at you again with another dollar so challenge. Because you guys have loved, when we’ve done them before.

And I would come down with a while we haven’t I went forever, if you guys are something that we will link the other dollar challenges around. But today our dollars are counting is a pretty exciting line we have some like super super super cute you guys goin here yeah this space that you’re currently selling in is going to buy. Because we’re saying hello to a beautiful lots of space illicit lost guys I’ve learned this recently it’s called a hard block which means it’s like one of the old loss with like you know risk 18 foot or something ceiling brick you guys are going to die that has been like the most exciting thing that’s ever have in my life like pretty much yeah, and we argue to some of the series all about moving in there and designing it all that fun stuff so for today’s Arthur tellers the thievius make something further than you lost and it’s an extra town. Because usually were just like who on the challenge.

DOLLAR STORE CHALLENGE loft edition Photo Gallery

But this time is whoever wins you get to bring that item to the new place, if you don’t win you can’t bring it nope. But again you guys tell us in the comments who you think won the sauce or talent yeah I’ll have a little poll maybe yeah just hold yeah alright so let’s go pick up some things in the dollar sir let’s go okay scholar search and do this I’m thinking I want to make something like a table of some kind this is going to be big it might be difficult I’m sorry cleared up okay. So I honestly have no idea what I want to do usually, when we do these I have some sort of like this would be cool to make out of things that I’ve got no clue this time so damage from the walk around and speaks to me you know thinking making him one year base as like the top of the people so find a man they’re looking for something around okay this could workers imagine this is like the top of the table okay. So I saw this paper towel holder.

And I was thinking, if you cool through some sort of like list like pull down rip off list thing that you’d hang on the wall for DIY supplies um or I saw these like gold and black folds that are just really pretty so maybe do some sort of like plant holder in that that one’s not so much of a transformation though don’t steal my ideas okay I’m thinking something like a broomstick for the legs of the table like a tripod each crossing I don’t know guys I don’t know ideally I was would do like wood instead of metal. But I’m not sure I literally it was just walking by. And I saw these guys you can just give me like like a hairpin way right oh my god I just got way too excited, if I’m gonna do the list holder I should get some sort of like nice 10 or like a place to put tents like I need to make it more than just I put paper or paper towel roll holder that’s the or or and you get paper for it -. Because you wouldn’t write on paper towels okay so they have craft papers here which is really good.

But I need to cut it to size or do I do white paper hmm white or craft okay it’s a genius idea I’m going to do a paper will I need like a good way to nicely work the paper and tin foil comes with like a usually like a Ripper strip in it. So I can take that apart and use it I think I don’t know who’s going to work wolf I do how’s it going well I’m pretty I have a genius idea all right checkout time okay guys I’m up first as you know I got this cloth I got some bristol board. And I got my three toilet paper holders which are going to be share pin legs I’m actually like so excited that I found these although I have no clue tell me attach it I’m thinking some glue which is obviously not what you should be doing. But this is the dollar store challenge so for being a little bit ratchet.

So I think I’m going to start with the clock I don’t want it to be a clock I just wanted to be like a tray consuming like a plant standard this is like a side table. But I want the white I want white to show through instead of a clock beat so I’m gonna take quite long this is my new backing. And I’m going to cut out some bristol board to the right size. So that it can fit right in here nicely over top of these numbers okay self I’ll put my circle I’m going to add it right behind a slash here this glass is dirty.

But long is on the stony outside buzz okay you know the hot glue all are on the inside here next hardest part Hugh the toilet paper holders these guys need to come in here they’re gonna have to be overlapped a little bit and they’re gonna have to be tilted a little bit and luckily they’ve been pretty okay so now that these bad boys have a little bit of lien can I am whatever I’d like to test this this will work so now honestly I’m just going to put in a lot of e6000 ideally kind of like drill these on or something. But since we’re using a clock based and not like a piece of wood we’re resorting to the glorious strength that is V six so I’ve got a lot of blue on there like probably more Moo than I’ve ever used in my life. And I’m just going to add some tape to make sure that everything is kind of like settling and not falling away from the base so I’m going to let this dry it’s supposed to dry for 24 hours. But I’m basically going to let Becky work on her DIY right now and probably luckily.

So I told you guys, when I was in the store what I was thinking of doing. But I’ll tell you again I’m going to make like a roll of paper you can rip off you can write lists on ice cream using a lot of like kitchens. But I think this will be great for our DIY workspace -, if you need supplies or anything so this is a paper towel holder. But what I’m going to put my craft paper list-making thing on.

But I gotta cut this a lot smaller – okay. But the first step I think is going to be making like a backing for this. So we can put our little repeat strips on it and wait and write the list so for the back I have these two pieces of old scoreboard cork board students of course swore that I’m going to glue this jar. But I think a little bit to why I cook not again so I’m going to copy these together and then glue them onto the back of this guy just to make sure this doesn’t end up falling apart which I feel like there’s a chance I’m going to do a strip of hot glue on the back.

Because you won’t even see it um. But I’ll just make it this extra stuck together okay while this dries I’m going to work on cutting the papers to size. So you look basically I have this giant roll here that needs to fit in here I would love to be able to cut it all at one. But I think that’d be really hard and messy.

Because it would not look cute. So I might have to just unroll it all and cut it this is how wide which is Oh 11 I’m happy. Because my phone stuff works out like that all right made it to the end now it’s time to cut this guy smaller whoa all done okay, if I was like super ambitious I would. Because I have actor likes cut another one.

So I have like poison my paper buying a wedding at the time was teaching to do that right now so I’m going to run with this small role for now. So I think we come back to this side now, if you dry. And I’m just going to glue him to the Oh nah Oh okay sue I did not enter the basis oh nice okay what lesson did you learn you guys are going to make this definitely the sing in first and then roll the paper so now on to the final step which was like my genius idea for the full thing was to use a box of pin foil the nineties with me so I’ll just take a little Ripper through some soil and use it as kind of a thing to rip the paper just careful sister now we unroll and then you want the the repeat key to draw out the bottom nurse we made a thing I guess we should test it out. Because the hours really only as good as it is, if it work okay so to do test dollar store yeah why oh my god okay well let’s see what Abby made and see, if it holds up to my DIY okay this is been sitting for a couple hours it definitely would want a couple more.

But it seems dirty enough that we can pick it apart and see how it looked so they’re like on there. So I heard this like moving is this plastic. So we’re going to put it into the soft top ready I said okay I need a plants and /size table I think they look really cute as a plant stand. And I am impressed like not bad we should flip it back over and give it a little more color hours to dry.

But I like it died the competition sit we’ll see how Becky day um this I’m taking whether it goes the loss or not is coming in my house first is I haven’t stayed together although she doing pretty good so far I have good faith in the e6000 assist there does well first lifetime and this is like so smart I feel like it could either go really cool or like I’m mommy though it could be got like I’m not going to lie could be kind of mommy. But I do not go there nothing wrong with me a mom I still have like good feelings about a win for me though yeah guys you need to vote there give me a pull up there also show your love in the comments below tell us yeah who’s your favorite who you thought killed the jealous right now like I’m exciting more innovative than I usually a.m. yeah I like I love what we both death it’s very different.

But like what also likely said we’re moving into a walk I’m going to cry so excited, and we actually move in tomorrow. So you gotta hang what’s happening live I will be in France storing and naps heading to make sure you’re following us there and, when I say I’m gonna be doing it is. Because I’m going on a vacation. And I don’t know I was very excited to be gone um.

But back to the lysosome is I also probably not having yesterday microchips. So we can check on all those things on the there you go so make sure you’re following us like a little bit like opposite ends be really good and definitely stations the walkers, when it come out you can see how I made it into the loss true you what we do with all like everything lost we have such exciting ideas services at its Rose – okay thanks so much for reading guys, if you’re new here and make sure you comment even though that’s what usually say, if you like it like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it alright we’ll see you next time I am.

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