Hi guys I’m Rachel and today we are doing the dollar store challenge so, if you guys don’t know Rachel ish is amazing, when I explain yourself real quick oh well that’s about the intro okay so I’m a r. And I kind of do like comedy posts so essentially I invite over an influential person. And I come up with a game tailored to their personality. So we’re actually doing one on my blog with this little girl that I came a game called the soiree challenge amazing it’s like couldn’t be more perfect yeah and it gets really intense so oh my gosh you’re doing it I highly recommend.


So I guess the link will be in the description and you can go check that out. But I’m so excited you’re both here. Because I know nothing and this is not like an over-exaggeration like literally I don’t know anything about how to DIY making it feel like something breaks it’s done like I don’t know I don’t know what to do so that’s okay cuz on our blog all the time you guys are like I love your ideas I love your DIY. But I could never do it I’m not crafty I’m not a DIY and it’s like better you don’t have any like presentation oh no DIY degree either.

So we’re so happy to have you here to represent everybody that doesn’t consider themselves a DIY so rates a publicist you want spouse in her bathroom maybe yeah I mean how many things are in the bathroom, when they’re all like scattered lipstick I wish I who’s and earrings is too much so our theme for the Oscar Tom’s gonna be something bathroom related bathroom to Kourtney we’re gonna head over to the dogs for now and see what we can find this problem throw in a shitty doubt oh yeah let’s go hey guys it’s Becky here and we’re in the dollar store. And I am trying to figure out what I want to do so I’m on the lookout for things that could be organization could be cute could be DIY both from the dollar store so see what we can find since, when did the dollar store get so cute little vintage candy holders I just I need them oh this is a straw holder, and we had one of these in our old apartment. And I actually put pencils in it as kind of like a display. So I think this could be really good as some sort of like bathroom display piece let’s think on this okay these are butterfly stickers and they could go tacky and little girls so quickly.

But I have an idea all right well I’m here at the dollar store as you can see. And I know nothing about how to fix things up. So I actually found this it’s like wallpaper. But it has some clear parts in it I don’t you can see that I saw these boxes.

And I think I could do something interesting with this ah I like starkel’s too I like to check out things like in aisles. But you wouldn’t normally find things like the crafting is obvious. But like toys what can we do a toys hmm okay this kind of reminds me of like a dream catcher something like that huh what about this oh my god oh this one’s like an oval food I want oval or don’t circle also why is there an oval badminton thing I thought they were always circles. But this could be like a dream catcher or like something to hang like cute jewelry office maybe all right we’re back from a toast or embers to go through what picked up.

So I found this amazing like this vintage straw Mulder and these great rhinestone stickers how much was that this was like 2 X is like a I do pretty good deal. So we had a budget of 10 bucks. So I think I’m clear okay I actually got two items as well um I got this a box like a shadow box yeah I found this stuff and it’s like what was it like a wrapping paper. But it’s clear in some points oh my god okay open it up that’s what you can find oh my god.

So that bran is so in right is that what it’s called Chevron yeah I like the car that’s what it’s like the gas station okay that’ll be cute or anything else so is the toys aisle I don’t know what you’re planning this yeah. And I also picked up a little flowers and total how much was your. So you were um this is like I think two dollars and this was like a dollar fifty so 3mz very very these were like a dollar 25 each so that’s about like three dollars in flowers and then this guy I think was 250 pretty good so I’m at like 550 so right now I cost the most. But we were way under $10 oh it also brought like a pile of do I supply of summer to our office just to help us out we weren’t spending like a dollar on paint that we didn’t need yeah sure.

But yeah let’s get to it well it’s a huge problem I have it’s just I could get this off oh okay that worked Ximena can handle yeah do you like the cork. And I won okay something about that is going to be then yeah your shelf thing how is it gonna work work work we’re drawing these butterflies I love how you go to the fifth harmony work work work I would go to the Rihanna work whenever I remember guys yeah we DIY mastered the DIY challenge I’m actually really excited I’m still confused on what that guy is it’s beautiful yeah so this is an earring holder. But I saw Rachel your hearings in the bathroom we’re all wears clip-on earrings oh you know she’s fab could she fab and she finds his beautiful ones which is crazy. Because you would think that Cobra earrings or not yes exactly oh they’re amazing okay now put your clip-on earrings oh my god can I try yeah that’s so great just remind everyone this is made out of like a tennis racket Oh badminton Madison that’s crazy so this is like even just beautiful walnuts oh I love it and yeah I ripped off the handle and added like some of the wires as the like hanger hook that’s not blue oh no I hang it as well cuz otherwise there would have been Fulda difficult this is like the greatest day ever okay next all right Rachel what you did okay this is what I’m currently use to put on my lipsticks in and it works it’s fine.

But I thought I would rather have something a little bit more trendy and cool and laid out better. Because I still can’t, when I’m looking at everything that’s just all jumbled in there so basically what I did was I just painted I did some color blocking on the side and then on the inside remember that what’s it called chevron chevron yeah it’s actually called that’s so bad um and. So I just lined the bottom. Because the bottom was corked so obviously, if I have like it just it’s it’s more susceptible to being monkeys yeah absorb all like makeup grime exactly so um this kind of is like a nice fellow yeah yes.

But it put my yeah there and see them too yeah and then it is hot. But this is great I love that I love it and it matches my happy mugs oh alright I took this vintage straw what are vintage oh yeah ok it’s new. But this reminds me of like you know diner yeah oh yeah yeah you guys it I did like using some gold like puffy paint it is like this print on it with some dollars for rhinestones and like Rachel I keep all my stuff in a bag like this. And I’m always digging around for brushes that fall on the bottom so this guy and oh my god so, when you want to find it brush just oh my god so this is what I did with dollar store items it was like less than 5 bucks and it’s so good it’s not what it yeah lady is so he’ll feel the magic I know right a certain level of satisfaction you get from just doing this absorb you guys are brilliant I’m so happy that we did this collab I hope you guys like our dollar store DIY then you can get inspired from anything anything so make sure you go check out to the post we did Rachel on her blog will be linked below it was hilarious yeah like a challenge tailored to us hello so yeah please do go comment to Rachel check out that post thank you guys so much for reading, if you like this post make sure you like it and, if you love it make sure you sub it she got it.

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