DOLLAR TREE DIY Faux Mirror THE BEST DIY Home Decor Wedding 2018

Hey everyone welcome to my blog today I’m going to be showing you how to make a gorgeous faux mirror wallet using Dollar Tree items I want to credit green crystal Rose and treat it with the inspiration of my project make sure you check out their blogs they have beautiful DIYs only their blog links below in the description box you will need a 6-thousand glue a post board gloves 7 packs of the silver plastic plates and command strips I’m going to put a drop of glue on the center of the plate and repeat this process until the foam board is covered I’m using gloves.

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Because, when I wasn’t using them my fingerprints were all over the plates and they would not come off, when I wipe them there’s extra foamboard left over. But no worries. Because I will be adding more place at the end I’m setting these plates down before gluing them to make sure I like the pattern and change anything, if I need to I wanted to layer the plates on top to give it an extra well factor and then it reminded me of a sea gallery piece now that I see that I love my piece I’m going to add some glue to the center and repeat this process this DIY is a must for any section in your home and will definitely bring out your furniture pieces or decorations and is an absolutely stunning and gorgeous piece I’m making sure these plates are straight and aligned before they are dried I let my project dry for a couple of days just to make sure that these pieces were glued on and they were ready to be hung now I will be adding the silver plates to the end of the board leftover.

And I will be gluing the size of the plate instead of the middle to finish the design. And I had enough plates to make four wall art pieces. So I connected them together to make it look like one huge wall art this is how my project came out I’m so excited about how simple and inexpensive this DIY was to make such a grand statement to my home the best part about this project is the price I was able to make my wallet for under $60 a wallet this size in Z Gallerie could easily be over $1000. But the difficult part about this design was finding the silver place you see that makes the design I got these from several dollar trees in the area some dollar trees may not carry them that’s okay though this DIY can inspire you to make a wall art design of your choice you can search your local craft dollar or party store you can even order design and color of your choice from Amazon or Ebay the main thing is to get creative and have fun you can place each command strip on every corner of the wall art piece this concludes my dollar tree DIY fella mirror wall art thank you all so much for reading it was so much fun making this post and seeing such a beautiful result comment for more posts coming soon and hit the bell button.

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