Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Ideas Glam Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Hey everyone welcome back in today’s post I’m sharing two Dollar Tree DIYs that you can make at home and super affordable I’m using this as a picture frame. And I’m also going to be using this as a decorative tray. So I use this image from graphic stock.

And I really love it I can’t wait to share you all more info about it so stay tuned for that and this is the second DIY I’m going to show you how to make today’s post is sponsored by graphic stock, if you have never heard of graphic stock it is a subscription-based website that gives you unlimited downloads of royalty free photos vectors and illustrations you can use these images to decorate on your home include them in a DIY or project they just have so many to choose from 350,000 images and all included in the subscription that you paint each year with no hidden fees these are forever yours you can use these images wherever and whenever you want. Because they each come with a 100% royalty-free license you don’t ever have to worry about copyrights or worry about not seeing them again. Because, when your subscription ends as long as you have the images downloaded they’re yours to keep here’s a little preview of all the amazing images they have graphic stock is giving you a 7 day free trial. So you can try it out and get access to the image library the link will be in my description box you for the DIY project that I’m going to make from the photo frame said decorative tray I wanted something simple and elegant so I’ll lift up diamonds and was instantly hosts with the first image I saw on the list then I just clicked on the picture and hit the download button for this DIY you will need two bags of the acrylic gems and then one 11 by 14 photo frame.

Dollar Tree DIY Home Decor Ideas Glam Mirror Coffee Table Decor Photo Gallery

And I chose this photo frame size. Because I have another idea for it so stay tuned for that here I’m adding a couple drops of glue. Because I want to work this thing a little faster and maybe do three to four gems at a time and then just keep repeating the glue couple drops and then gems all throughout this photo frame until it’s finished also make sure, when you’re gluing these down they’re aligning straight that way they make a perfect line I found these gems in my garden section at the Dollar Tree and they were near the rocks in the sand plus I saw these in a blue and red color so definitely add these to your gem portrait, if you want pop some color in there I just glued these pieces down. So I wanted to make sure they were aligned the way that I want them, and we are done you guys this is how the project came out I am so happy with it and it looks so elegant so luxurious only a couple bucks my husband was just so happy that I made this and this is a picture that I chose from graphic stock I love it it looks so classy this is a better view from the front and many of you know that I love my bling my diamond.

So I thought this was the perfect picture for it. So you guys this is not only just a photo frame. But also a decorative try piece and it just came out so beautiful I’m so happy with the way it came out I can put my flowers in here my candy jar some coasters you could put this in your entryway as a decor piece you can put this on a side table on your coffee table the ideas are endless so just have fun with it let me know in the comments below where you would style this piece in your home I’d love to know for the second DIY these are the items you will need you will need two packs of the silver tea lights. And I also saw these in gold red and blue so, if you’re interested in those you’re welcome to use those as well I have three of them.

Because I had two packs. And I just needed three for the ciy you’ll need three of the medium bowls sixty light holders and also saw these and goals in a bronze color and then you’ll need three of the candle holders starting off I’m getting my candle holder placing some hot glue on top and then placing my tea light holder on top and make sure, when you’re gluing this down it’s right in the center. Because it’s important for the end it’ll be straight and aligned I went ahead and took the tea light holder stickers off as well as the bowl. Because it just made this project a lot faster so definitely take those off before gluing anything down and then a tip I can give you for the sticky residue is just going slow taking the sticker off I mean I tried everything soap and water some goo gone.

But none of that really worked for me. So I just learned to just have more patience and take it off slowly and it really does the trick this is a super easy DIY to make. So I can’t wait to show you all the raziel at the end all you have to do is just keep going and making sure everything is aligned and you’ll have such a beautiful result finishing up the last piece I’m so excited to share with you all the fun words oh and here it is you guys this is the Dollar Tree DIY glam candle holders and honestly these do not look like anything from the Dollar Tree you can find these similar at home goods. And I saw them from a range from $7.

99 to $12.99 and these were only $14 to make all three including the tea lights. So that is such a great deal definitely let me know, if you’re going to make these I’d love to know, when the glue dried I noticed there are little strings of glue left in the candle holder so just take those out they come right off I wanted to show you how these look at night they look so pretty so here’s a little clip I included for you all to see this concludes my DIY in this post I hope you all enjoyed thank you love so much for reading comment, if you have in a love to have you part of the family and as always have a beautiful and blessed day.

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