Dollar Tree DIY Mirror Table Runner DIY Home Decor Idea 2018

Hey everyone welcome back in today’s post I’m making a mirror table runner using items from the Dollar Tree I’ve had many people request that I make DIYs for the home so that’s what I’m going to do in this post with affordable items that anyone can create I’ve never seen a mirror table runner at the store. So I thought it would be fun to make my own and share this idea with you guys give me a thumbs up, if you love Mira decor for this project you’ll need one foam board 10 octagon mirrors 4 circle mirrors 4 white LED candles a marker razor blade and hot glue I chose to go with the foam board. Because already had it at home. But I would recommend a wooden board for more durability you can get the wood board at Lowe’s here I’m aligning my mirrors to see how they look and then I’ll grab my marker to dot the places I want the foamboard to be cut with my razor blade I will also repeat this process for the other side and the left and right side of this smear runner removing the mirrors I can see where to cut by following the dots.

Dollar Tree DIY Mirror Table Runner DIY Home Decor Idea 2018 Photo Gallery

And I cut it like a rectangle don’t worry, if the sides look a little messy. Because it will be covered with the mirror. So you won’t even see it before gluing them down I took the 4 soft pad circles off the mirrors so they can be evenly flat remember hot glue dries fast so make sure to work with a good speed I glued each mirror down and before I knew it I was done this was really fun to make and just super easy anyone can do it and have a beautiful result and this is the final result you guys I’m so excited with how I came out I think it looks so beautiful so glam at such an affordable price let me know, if you liked it by giving me a thumbs up and letting me know in the comments down below what you thought of it where would you put it in your home this is also a great idea for a wedding birthday baby shower or any party that you want to glam up at a super affordable price I picked up these acrylic gems from Ross a couple years back for our wedding. And I just saved them.

But the Dollar Tree does have similar acrylic gems you can use and I’ve used the acrylic gems for previous DIYs I love the way this DIY came out. Because it can be used in many ways and in different parts of your home, if you have a wood table and are looking to give it some glam I know this would look stunning I had the lights on and off to show you how it looks in the day and at night. So I placed it on my dining room table I love how the mirror looks on wood and this runner looks so good I just want to make another one and connect them together to make an even longer runner I like that I can take the candles off and add some fall decor to the table with these pumpkins you can add whatever you want to this runner according to the holiday celebration or just daily use so it’s super functional let me know, if you like this idea in the comments below I’d love to hear from you thank you all so much for reading comment, if you haven’t I’d love to have you part of the family don’t forget to hit the notification bells. So you don’t miss any uploads for me and as always have a beautiful blessed day.

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