Dorm Décor Essentials

Dorm Décor Essentials

Where’s Justin hey guys if you’re off to college soon more than likely you’re going to be staying in student housing or a dorm you’re going to need the essentials but you’re going to want to add some personality into your space, we’re here at a local university in st. Louis to liven up two bedrooms one bathroom with just now, we’re off to Ikea st. Louis to see what we can find Jessie wait, I don’t have a skateboard Oh we just finished up. And things are looking great when planning your bedroom an easy way to get started is by finding some textiles that reflect your personality we found this great duvet cover. And use it as reference to pull colors from other parts of the room.

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It’s an easy way to bring style. And coordination into the space also consider using rugs they have a great visual impact without breaking the bank let’s not forget about the bathroom we first arrived it was completely empty one of the easiest ways to liven up the space in your new bathroom is by picking a cool shower curtain we went with the bad back shower curtain from Ikea.

Because it has fun colors. And a neat style to bring to your bathroom also don’t forget to leave room in your budget for some bath essentials like towels a bath mat. And a bathroom set. So there you go with just a few key pieces you can turn your dorm room from boring to cool. And without breaking the bank. And before you head off to college download the back to college checklist from Ikea comm. So you don’t forget any of the essentials.

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