Okay so today we have a post for you about apartment dorm decorating organizations last room tour. So you guys asked for ways to decorate yeah we see decorate your apartment we have some pretty cheap ways cuz trust me we’re pretty cheap. But we’re not cheap we’re poor. So we’re gonna show you around our place and the way is that you can decorate, if you have like a dorm in college that you want to make prettier shapes so one of the biggest things you can do to cover up, if you have a big wall that’s kind of ugly is to get a giant poster something you like so meet Audrey this is um obviously are out of uniform poster and underneath this the paint’s like all chipped and ugly.

So we just have this poster that I have resonance, and we cover the P plus it gets to show your personal taste we’re both in posts so this is a movie tournament. So I guess like the most important thing to do, when you have an apartment that’s small like we do is organization and having places to put things one of the things that brought was this is like an old dynamite box with the water so I’m crazy. But um, when I use it as storage. So we put like things in here so, if you take a step to the left this is our living room I guess, and we got this couch and in card shelf and it’s $30.


So I think it’s really cool cuz it’s like a bright color and like, if this was a base couch honestly it would be like an entirely different apartment it’s just that this is like so great and colorful and there’s only $30 and it’s a futon which makes everything awesome and then you should always have more lights we have like lamps like candle biggest brighten up place make it a little bit more home here we love candles so much else additional money candles everywhere this is our favorite sentiment apple spice animal potty it’s from Bath and Body Works Exhibit A our dead plant so plants are really really good to have in houses. And I really recommend it it was very homey and lively winners in. But we won’t wait for Christmas break and it kind eye it doesn’t help that were in the basement we’re trying to give it as much light as we can by the window. But this is hardly so, when you have a little apartment you have to be really wise about space.

Because you just saw like one half of our apartment and it’s pretty small so what we decided not to get was a table we just have this down bar counter area and got some stools either awesome once again garage sale right kijiji Craigslist yeah they actually look awesome with our cheetah print couch more fake plants okay what about newsroom so this means more about your space is having a table being pretty dumb idea cuz so this is our fridge not that it’s very exciting. But we just wanted to show you more about how you can put your personal taste into your apartment or dorm whatever um so what we did was we made a lot of fridge magnets to go in our fridge so a couple things we made are these like, if your cat magnets they’re really cute and really easy to make you just take the cap off up your bottle and then we got these round magnets that were almost the exact size and you just glue them on another thing that we made were these really cute like Polaroid magnets you can make them using a program called pull a droid oh we can link it below for you it’s really easy just drop your picture into it and it prints it out like a Polaroid and. So we just printed them out and glued them onto some white foam board and then and put magnets on the back above it we have these baskets which is from I think the dollar store I think and it’s just another way to organize these are all artis well. Because they season and I’ll see another way to put stuff somewhere.

But also excute like the brown wicker kind of matches our whole Brown look of apartment so yeah okay so whether you have a dorm or an apartment you’re probably gonna have a roommate and hopefully you have separate rooms. But, if you don’t you can still put this above your bed or in your area it’s like an initial of your letter I mean they’re really cute and it’s just a way to spice up this door. And I see his health it’s not really big it didn’t even come with the closet. So I got this from Walmart and it was a decision to get a really big one I could have gotten a small one.

But you know I like a couple of clothes. So I decide to get a big one and then just put up with the black space that I gave myself so what I had in residence I had actually a closet that look just like this. And I had these so many of these they’re from the dollar store and they’re just these metal hooks and they hook onto pretty much like any doorway our doors sorry and then they’ll hold like anything. Because they’re really strong and oh my gosh I love and you definitely can’t have a room any girl to not have a room without a mirror so yeah this was like ten dollars from whatever a little store wall nerd something and yeah it definitely makes it look bigger as well.

And I had it in my residence room I tell you it actually off of one of these hooks on my door so this is my bed I got this comforter from it’s actually a duvet sorry I got it from Urban Outfitters it actually was kind of expensive. But it’s really cute she was my personality I love paint yeah. And I’m definitely all about this like corner bed thing I did this at my residence room to where you like, if you’re having your bed up against the wall it’s so nice like total your pillows in the corner so you’re actually like I’m sitting wrong sit like this it’s like comfy in the corner this well actually I’ll post up a picture right here in my residence room I hung curtains and kinda like made it into like a princess bed so that’s an idea to like dress up the your dorm room or your residence room. Because I know that walls are like so plain so ugly and so cooled in there and you’ll see how I chose like a break comforter so all my accents kind of go with it which are over here.

So I have also like pink my hampers painted all right check desk chair and my makeup bag I guess and this is all IKEA furniture aside from the floor length from your that every girl should have you should also have a makeup mirror that lights up it’s just a good way to do your makeup especially an awful resident slash dorm room lighting as well we have accessory necklace trees you definitely need to have that. So that all your necklaces don’t get tangled and your earrings. But you definitely like make your own to like some wire and stuff I’ve seen ones are just like literally shaped like trees and then you hang your neck this is awesome they’re so cute ok so finally I have my white board this is so good, if you’re a visual learner. But I definitely am until right sit down I’m studying for tests I need to like write out all the points this big or like even just a little one just to jot down your ideas help you study for tests definitely get a whiteboard and some cute colorful markers I also have these winter baskets from the dollar store this one I actually just glued on magnets on the back and it became a marker holder there you go that is my room so this is my room and like Abby I also made a letter for my room on the CB.

And I decorated it like a Tiffany box. Because Tiffany’s like my favorite store ever I wish good on everything from there okay so this is mad room and it’s pretty small too it’s exact same size as Abby’s so this was my bed and it’s a lot higher than Abby’s this comforter I also got from Urban Outfitters as well so thing, if you buy like a neutral bedspread like I did you can get away with having more like colors on your wall and stuff. So I bought this picture also from Urban Outfitters and it’s got like old cars and the beaches are some of my favorite things. And I love the colors the yellow is so nice and summery in the winter um yeah I think it’s great, if you can find like wall art pieces that really are your style it’s a great thing to put on your wall so like cos this room I also have these metal hook things although she has a bunch of individual ones I bought one since and it’s like six all connected into one.

And I just put my scars insects on it and they’re so helpful. Because already put stuff like this like I don’t know space for it this is my breakfast club poster. Because it’s on our favorite movies of all time and like I said before I give a neutral bedspread you can kind of do colors all over the wall this is my cork board which I have pictures of like friends and stuff and concerts that I’ve been to like tickets and stuffs just like a memory type board and then down here I got this cube thing from I think of some Home Depot and then even each one of these things you can put it whatever in all these baskets from Ikea which are so great. Because, if you have small things that might fall out, if you don’t have baskets yeah it’s just the best thing to put little things in I love it and then over this corner is like my vanity makeup table thing I just keep I also have like a Jory trigger that Abby did – her point sentence and this thing I filled with face filler in the–it’s where I put on my makeup brushes in which is a really good idea, if you don’t have any place to put them um and then below it I have a shirt I can which is also a good thing cuz it fits so perfectly under this vanity.

And I can put on my shoes there and they won’t be cluttered in my room it’s awesome I highly advise getting less you rack. So I guess that’s all there is to my room. So we hope you like our apartment and how we decorated it tracks decorate it. So I guess the main things you want to remember, when you go about decorating your place is um the first thing is definitely bring your own personal style that’s what makes your room look so cool and makes it different from everybody else’s so yeah make posters bright colors anything that’s you second biggest thing to remember is organization.

Because I’m assuming all you guys think your students you’re living in a very small area so get like bins and buckets and things you go put stuff in so yeah like make use of the space you have organize it well alright so thanks so much for reading guys comment more posts coming soon let us know what you want to see yeah okay bye guys.

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