Dormer windows

Dormer windows
When working in a room with dormer windows your first task will entail deciding which parts of the dormer should be papered which parts are to be considered walls and which parts ceiling, and thus which sections should be papered and which painted to reflect that differentiation.
Start at a central point beneath the window itself, working out to either side. Hang short strips from the junction of the slope to the floor, creasing and trimming according to standard practice.
You may wish to leave the wedge-shaped walls projecting outward at right angles to the window painted, but if you wish to paper them, these vertical walls should be tackled next. Leave an allowance and take it around the corner; the paper on the sloping roof will butt up to the corner for a neat finish.
Finally you should tackle the sloping roof sections, taking great care to match the drops with those already in place. This may mean that the first length of paper will not be a full-width drop. Below the window, measure outwards from the side of the window to the first seam. Cut to the exact width of your measurement and your drop from top of sloping roof to floor should now align.
It will be neater to tuck the lower edge allowance on the sloping roof section under the top trimmed edge of the half-wall than to trim it, but you could also consider a border at this junction ( 96-97). messed window: start with an overlapping strip, onger drops above and below the window.
5 Finally, return to the unpapered recesses and fill with offcuts, tucking the strips beneath the adjoining lengths.
To fit a dormer window: start at a central point beneath the window and work outwards.

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