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Foliage and floral form amongst all of them is exquisite; the effect heightened when there is moisture upon them to catch the early sun. These plants cheerfully accept a degree of alkalinity in the soil, unlike many another ericaceous plant, although there are other exceptions, too. Dream home designer Low-growing Erica camea varieties make good under-planting amongst trees and shrubs that afford them light, air and their fair share of nutrition. They make excellent companions to conifers which will not overhang them, and certainly excel in company with winter-flowering shrubs such as hamamelis. And see them swirl at the foot of glistening brown-trunked Manchurian Cherry’ – Pninus maackii; quite something to see on a winter’s day. Look for Prunus incisa February Pink’, whose blossoms bring a little extra warmth to the month. It flowers earlier than the type.

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