The first thought diat came to mind was diat I had all diese miniatures from a Christmas doll’s house in storage. I had originally built a 3′ x 3′ house Patty packed this three-level house into her car and drove it around to various charities and organisations to bring cheer (from a kit) that hung on my wall at Christmastime. I’d originally made it as a decoration and with the miniatures it had cost me about £1000. At one point, I’d kept the miniatures and given the doll’s house to a little girl I knew and then packed up all the miniatures and my most prized possessions in a trailer and left my home in Florida.

My father was in the military and we moved every three years and I just love the adventure of moving around and meeting new people and learning about different cultures. Before I made it to Malibu, I was living in North Carolina, then decided it would be nice to move to Colorado for the winter and snow ski. I arrived in the beautiful and quaint town of Estes Park and walked through the town and enjoyed the snow. I stayed in a hotel and when I got up the next morning, I felt that I should keep driving. I was a little bit perplexed, but followed my intuition. I kept driving until I got to the California border, still wondering why I’d left Colorado. I called my sister to let her know that I was in California and she told me she had a friend who lived in Malibu. My sister’s friend’s place was between the ocean and the magnificent mountains so I really enjoyed living there. I didn’t realise it was a community for writers, producers, and actors. Writing and creating plays is another one.


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