Hi guys we’re here today to bring you six easy and affordable DIY Christmas presents yeah I’d say that they’re all under $15 and it’s cheap as like a dollar yeah there we go so the first one we made is a cardboard cup cozy. So that you don’t bring your hands, when you have hot drinks at places so what you’re going to need first is grab any cardboard cup cozy that you can get from Starbucks or second cup and open it up and lay it flat and you can use any fabric you want thicker is better.


Because it holds in the heat and doesn’t bring your hands we use blue corduroy so just lay the cardboard piece on top and glue the fabric around folding it over the edges and glue all the way around and then the patch that you have let’s left there you can just cut out another piece of fabric around the same size and glue it to cover over the hole and then, when you’re done cut off the extra edges and just glue it so it makes a complete circle and then to personalize it we added a little monogram stitch of the letter n. But you can do anything you want you could sew buttons on it or paint it or whatever it’s personalize it however you want yeah so that’s number one our next idea is a baking jar. So you just have to take a we use a large mason jar, and we found our favorite cookie recipe online and you just fill in all the dry ingredients into the mason jar and once all the dry ingredients are in you just top it off and you can check out our blog for the label the printout label will post the recipe that we used and the label you can print out or you can just make your own labels put on the jar, and we put chocolate chip cookies by Abby and Becky on the top and then we have the label on the front and, when then we just wrapped it with some twine and some ribbons we added some cinnamon sticks just. Because it’s Christmas yeah.

So that one’s really easy and it’s a good thing to give, if people don’t you know someone that doesn’t like to bake. But they like to eat yeah it’s it’s so easy. Because they don’t need to still need to buy the wedding great answer yeah which is like eggs like nose or something it’s it’s cuter than just making them cookies yeah I think make it whatever they want and you can do it together so the next idea we had is perfect for like your mom or a boyfriend and girlfriend and it’s, if you really don’t want to buy a gift. But you want something that has a lot of meanings this is fifty two reasons why I love you and all you’re gonna need is a deck of cards really and those are what a dollar at the dollar store yes so they’re in some strip yeah markers candies whatever um so in a deck of cards there’s 52 cards so on each one of the cards you’re just gonna take in the white spaces between the numbers right 52 reasons why you might love someone that time you went to a concert together the way they laugh at time you went on a vacation together anything that you want you can write on each one of my parts and then, when you’re done this is optional.

But we chose to a whole bunch all the cards and string them together with a ribbon so it’s a nice little book that you can give someone yep so the next idea we have you might have seen floating around Pinterest it’s a DIY bug using sharpies so all you’re going to need is a plain bug and sharpies and your oven and all you’re going to do is draw whatever design you want on ours we made them Christmas themed then we put half a cup of cheer and daily reminder be good for Santa be good for Santa be good for Santa and then you’re going to set your oven to 350 degrees and just set them in there and bake it for 30 minutes and that just bakes the marker into the mug so, when you wash it it should be there yeah we do recommend that you can’t wash them otherwise in my nocturne as well so the next DIY gift that we decided to do was to knit a circle scarf for somebody or you could also make a headband out of this um we actually made a post on how to make circle scarves, and we also have another post on how to do a basic knit. So we will link all of those right here for you so these are really great. Because you can get them in any color you want and they just take a little bit of time to sit down and knit some one wool relatively cheap yeah it’s great. Because it’s winter and it’s cold out so who doesn’t love a nice scarf yeah my mom my mom knit me this one and this is what we’re talking about like a head headband a headband scarf so to make this you would take our circle scarf knit tutorial and you would just make it skinnier and shorter yeah this will probably take you like half an hour to do, if you’re a mediate knitter and one more idea that we have is a DIY laptop case and you might have seen this tutorial that I did in the summer.

But I also made a new one for a certain someone um I’m not done yet we’re still working on it so this would be like a guys version for Christmas present and instead of blue corduroys just like our cozy our mug cozy and this is the one I made in the summer so this one’s a little bit more girly. But this can literally take you two hours maybe and it’s really simple and once you will link the post right here. So I hope everyone has a great Christmas and you enjoyed these ideas, if you did them let us know in the comments send us some pictures on Twitter you can find all those links below to our Twitter and social media all right have a great day guys and we’ll see you next week bye guys.

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