Hi guys my name is Abby and here’s our girls and today we were in a little bit of a different location we are doing kind of a custom DIY today yes we’re here today at Becky’s sister’s place and she’s this wall here that’s a little blah at your entryway wall it just needs some piping up, and we were like can we do it do we do it exactly does it wanted to do an accent wall serious you guys anyways.

But we thought that you might be a little tired of seeing and Ruggiero at our place this we want to find we are Alice who was willing to kind of donate their place and let us do sneak bunch of it. So we are going to show you how we turned her boring and put swea wall into a fun accent wall and we’re going to do some DIY leather strap shelves as well something I’ve also wanted to do for a long time so this is very exciting alright so hope you guys enjoy so this is the wall we are working with before she has a circle mirror and a wooden chair that we like. So we’re going to work with these tones starting with the DIY strap shelves we picked up a plank of 1 by 4 piece of wood and had two pieces cut that were 17 inches long we picked up this piece specifically. Because we like a live edge on it so sand down any rough areas on the wood and once they’re standard you can use a damp cloth to wipe off any sawdust next we’re staining the wood using a bare thing stain in the color walnut use a sanding pad to wipe the stain into the wood and keep wiping to absorb any excess allow it to dry for a bit and then finish with a polyurethane finish for sunshine allow the wood to dry fully for 24 hours for the leather straps we’re using these two belts we got from the thrift store make sure you buy belts that are as long as possible and maybe check out the lens section which is what we did cut off the buckle as well as any buckle holes.


Because we want it to look like real leather straps and not a belt also make sure you trim them to the same length next cut the belt directly in half. Because we’re going to need two straps per shelf we’re going to nail the belts to the shelves to keep them anchored. So we need to line up how they will sit on the wall first measure the same distance in from the edge of the shelves make sure that your straps even next pull your straps to simulate how they will fit on the wall one side will be directly vertical and flush with the wall and the other side will be angled slightly pull the leather in place the underside of the wood and flip it over and now we’re just using some three quarter inch nails to hammer the leather strap to the wood once you have two nails on each side repeat it on the other side of the leather strap make sure you remember which side will be your wall side. Because that side of the strap is going to be slightly shorter for our triangle wall decals we’re starting with this copper contact paper which we will link below for you start by estimating how big you want your triangles to be compared to your wall size ours were about three inches wide at the base post out all of your triangles onto the back of the contact paper and then cut them out with an exacto knife a ruler is helpful to cut nice straight lines as an accent color we cut it a few triangles out of matte black contact paper which we will link as well in total we’ll need 65 triangles to cover our wall next you’ll need to figure out the spacing of your triangles use a ruler to draw a dot at every spot you want the tip of your triangle to go this will help you stick them in a nice straight line on the wall we placed ours approximately six inches apart and offset each line from the one above we space our Rose about nine inches apart once we’ve covered the wall with the copper triangles we step back and evaluated where we wanted the black triangles to go we swap these out for the copper and the wall decals are done now it’s time to style our wall we took the mirror Ridge ‘only had and just moved it over a bit and to hang our shelves use a pencil to mark where you’d like your shelves to hang hammer nail through your leather straps into the wall, if you plan on putting anything heavy on your shelves make sure that you’re nailing into a stud once you’ve begun to hammer you might find that your leather strap ends don’t match up perfectly we pulled out the nails gave the straps a trim and then hammered them in fully and here’s what our shelves look like all hung up as a fun little extra we’re taking a tiny C hook and screwing it into the bottom of our top shelf this works perfectly for hanging your keys you style the shelves with copper accents and anything you might need as you’re running out the door like a little spritz of perfume or your favorite sunnies oh I’m glad you love it alright guys so hopefully you enjoy reading us make over this wall we had like so much fun we just get that in like three hours ish or less, and we estimated and it probably cost us a total of thirty dollars Oh Canadian Americans act like nothing I’ve nothing cuz we had to ship the vinyl to us which you got something for shipping ever jealous so my sister loved it she was extremely happy with how it turned out which makes us even happier I know well we already loved it so you’ve seen like it I just did K whoa I’m just gonna – alright great and also we were kind of just planning on making this like an accent and shelves post I kind of turned into like a surprise room makeover like thing.

So you guys want to see a series of more surprise makeovers cause we’re running out of space in our house even though I’m getting a bedroom makeover soon comment to that. Because it’s gonna be like 10 times bigger than this and be crazy it’s be amazing. But, if you want us to find people to let us renovate a space of theirs we would totally be done for that yeah DTA, if you’re in true now let us know well thank you guys so much for reading and, if you like this post make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure you saw it and we’ll see you next time bye guys back.

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