We are that’s our girl so cam figured out by now I’m so cheesy I know not to say that again so the DIY that we have for you today is see it right here we made this DIY gym bag or just baby you can use for school I had this type of bag for, when I was in gym in high school so that’s kind of what it makes me think of. But you can use it for anything and it’s really easy to do I really keep to make so here’s how we did it we bought half a yard of this windbreaker type fabric, when you think gym bag you think that like light material, when base windbreaker plastic is. So that it things get wet in your gym bag it’s easy to wash yeah and things don’t soak through exactly. But you could totally do this out of like mesh or something that’s more breathable or whatever you want really it doesn’t matter it’s up to you so our happy artifact as well as six feet of this thin rope and you’re also going to need some sewing tools some scissors ruler the works you know you’ve a craft work so our first step is to cut out a giant rectangle out of our fabric which will be the base for our bag.

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So we’re going to cut it out 34 inches by 15 inches once you have your giant rectangle cut out to get rid of that extra fabric and what we’re going to do is mark out a 1-inch border on both of the ends of the rectangle that you have the short end most rulers actually are about an inch thick. So we just trace the width of a ruler on both ends next you’re going to crease it and this is with your inside of your fabric facing up towards you fold over where you just drew a line and kind of crease it and then we’re just going to pin down there and this is going to make our tube where our rope is going to go through so once you have it all pinned off go ahead and stitch down this line we use the sewing machine. But you could definitely totally hand sew this it’s a really easy straight-line stitch and, if you really want to you could use fabrics with although we don’t recommend it song is pretty easy guys this is a really easy sewing project next we’re going to fold it in half with the good sides together and the inside of your bag facing you now we are going to pin down the sides we will stitch there. But we’re just going to pin them up first and make sure you don’t pin over the holes in the loops that we sewed earlier we’re starting after that once that’s done we’re going to move on to our rope so to do this you’re going to need to take the rope and read it through one end of the two and out the other side then you’re going to bring it back through the opposite loop at that side and once it comes out that side you’re going to take it back through the very first loop that we used and it should come out the other end and you should end up with your ropes coming on different sides yes, if they come out the same side you did something go back you do rewind the post and compact yep so at this point your rope should be just long enough to reach the bottom of your bag, if you need to adjust length and that would be a good time to do so just kind of shuffle it through so now we’re just kind of showing you what it will look like, when it’s kind of done so the size of the ropes come down to the bottom and that’s where we’re going to stow them we actually need to put the ropes on to the inside of the bag.

Because right now the inside of the bag is the outside of that side of magazines I’m back get it got it good. So we’re going to bring our ropes on the inside and have them just poked up a little bit at the bottom we frayed the bottom of our rope just so it is easier to sew down and kind of lay flat I wasn’t all chunky yeah. So you can do that on both sides and pin it into place and this is kind of what it looks like on the inside so you’re just looping them around on the inside and letting them poke out a little bit. So you can sew it at the bottom of the bag so then what we did is we just went over this one section that we pin to reinforce it really well.

Because a lot of the weight is going to be on that rope right there and, when they’re both reinforced you can now do your stitch all the way up where we had pinned making sure that you do not show up for your tubes otherwise you will not be able to show your bag no. So we just went over that reinforced part again reinforcing it again do we say reinforce enough take you should say one more time and now I have to do this turns it out and it should look beautiful and all done and really you just end up pulling the ropes and the base your tighten oh-yo so easy so easy so cute so gym bag so casual. So that was actually really easy that was like the quickest we’ve ever talks or tutorial I think. So I really hope that you guys enjoy this DIY and, if you do end up making it make sure you always send us pictures on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook all the links are below.

Because we love to hear from you guys and again check out our latest post which is always linked at the end of the post thanks guys for reading, and we will see you next time bye on good side major return back from you soon.

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