Hi, everyone. My name is Kelsey, and we are and today we’re showing you how to make a super easy yet super trendy cheese board.

And today’s project is actually inspired by our sponsor today which is very farmers of Canada. So Canadian cheese is creative and an expression of the individual cheese makers and it’s totally as diverse as our whole country Yes Canada! Canadian cheese is made from 100% Canadian milk as you would have guessed and it takes a lot of passion and hard work and craftsmanship to make which you wouldn’t necessarily think when you think of cheese, but it does just like today’s project! Oh yeah, so much passion went into this. I love the results. All right, so let’s show you how to make this So to make this cheese board there’s two main materials that you’re going to use.

One is your marble and one is your wood, obviously. So this marble piece we got from the local tile store, and it’s a sample So it was really really affordable and the second piece here is maple. Maple is really good to use as a display boards Because it’s a nice hardwood, and it holds up really well So the first thing we’re going to do is cut the wood to fit the marble So since marble is actually pretty hard to cut on your own We’re just going to go off the size we were able to get so we’re going to line the wood up the marble and then Cut a shape around it So now with a jigsaw. I’m just going to cut out the shape that I drew on my wood So I ended up switching to a circular saw halfway through because the jigsaw just wasn’t cutting it Literally, so here’s my little piece all cut off. It’s very cute and look it fits Perfectly, so next I’m just gonna sand down the rough edges with a sander So pretty much the final step is to glue these two pieces together so for this you want to use the strongest glue you can Find so we are using construction adhesive to glue these two pieces together. We’re going to tape them and clamp them to let them dry All right, it’s been pretty much 24 hours. Now it’s time to take this apart and pray that the glue worked.


Yes Oh my goodness, so there’s a tiny bit of glue still on the wood I’m just going to take the electric sander over everything and clean it up Good okay, so it’s been sanded and cleaned off and it is looking amazing So because the tile is a little bit sharp. I want to put little feet on the bottom So it doesn’t scratch my surfaces when I’m using it And the very last step is to put a butcher’s block oil or a cutting board cream anything that’s food safe Onto your wood to protect it from any food that you might be putting on top So now we’re ready to get our cheese on Kelsey is going to show you right now how to style the ultimate cheese board Guys Becky did such an amazing job with this marbled maple cheese board I’m so excited to actually add the cheese and get my num on so I made a fair bit of cheese boards And I’m going to take you through some of the basics so that you can make a delicious one as well So we’re going to start with a firm cheese This is a Canadian gouda, and this goes really good with pickled items as well as nuts like pistachios So next up we have a cheddar This is a clothbound cheddar from PEI this is going to go great with salty crackers, grainy mustard, or apple slices Canadian cheese is delicious in its own way and totally distinct from European options Next I would recommend having a blue cheese on your cheese board even just a little bit.

This is going to go super Good with honey yum and pecans or walnuts. This blue cheese is from the Okanagan Valley Canada has produced a number of award-winning cheeses. We actually have some of those here today all right the last recommended cheese for your cheese board is a soft bloomy rind cheese goes great with Jams Jellies and Compotes as well as pear slices Honestly the list goes on and on Although all these Canadian cheeses are going to taste amazing on their own You can also throw in some baguette or crackers to pair with them and one last tip every cheese should have its own cheese knife and congrats you’ve made your own cheese board, and you’ve styled it. Don’t worry about it getting messy or cluttered cause honestly I think that’s what makes it look super yum and delicious and that you can just get in there if it looks too perfect Nobody’s going to want to touch it Thank you guys so much for reading this post I hope you enjoyed some tips, tricks and how to make your own cheese board. Yes, definitely let us know What kind of canadian cheeses you would style on your cheese board below because there’s so many and I need to get inspired by you guys Nom Nom Nom Noms We also shot a very fun post we learned a lot about cheese and the world so make sure you guys check that out It’ll be linked below that was a post with Danny smiles Thank you again so much to our sponsor dairy farmers of Canada for inspiring us to get creative with this project Totally and if you guys liked this post make sure you give it a like and if you love it make sure you sub it And we’ll see you next time bye bye.

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