Hi guys my name is Abby we’re and obviously today we’re bringing to you DIY Watson’s oh this is like the staple of winter clothing accessory comfy nests yes, and we both have never had one no like a lot of people just own onesies they have like a onesie options, and we just never had onesie I don’t know why maybe I just I don’t I don’t know I’m just wrong to make my own I guess yeah so don’t worry, if you are an amateur sower and you’re a little bit scared to try this project it’s actually extremely easy it’s a lot of steps. But they’re all really simple steps so as long as you follow along with the post it’s totally easy to do yes and, when you’re done it’s going to make such a great Christmas gift or you can definitely keep it yourself or by length we put fabric and then make twinsies one alright so here we go for a onesie you’ll need to purchase three litres of flannel or fleece fabric next we put on our favorite fitting hoodie and track pants you can use any clothing that has the loose fit that you’ll want your onesie to have next we’re just marking out where our hoodies stops overlapping on our pants, and we added a pin on the front and the back just to mark this lay your fabric with your good sides facing together next we laid out our sweatshirt and sweatpants onto the fabric we started with the front side of the clothing and folded it in half ignore the hood, if you have one. Because we will be doing a crew-cut neckline for the pants make sure that you overlap the pants in the sweatshirt just as much as you did, when you were wearing them.


So we have our hoodie overlapping our pants up to the pin and make sure everything is folded nicely and that the crotch piece is defined so define start tracing out your clothing pieces, when you get to the neck like we said ignore the hood and connect the shoulders to the front piece, when you get to the arm pieces same thing ignore the sleeves and draw your line where the seam of sleeve ends, when you get to the hips make sure that you account for any stretch that may occur, when you’re wearing your pants. So we added a couple inches to account for that down to the legs we made our legs a little wider just. So that they are more comfortable and since our fabric doesn’t have much stretch as a sweatpants we wanted to make sure that we’d be able to get them on and over our feet we also added lengths to the legs. But we can make sure that they weren’t too short and that we had enough for a cuff at the bottom once everything is traced out you can go ahead and cut it out make sure to leave a seam allowance, if you didn’t already, when you’re tracing it out remember that you can always take it in.

So we usually give ourselves a little extra seam allowance just in case. Because nobody wants a tight onesie repeat the tracing out process with the back side of your hoodie and pants make sure that the fold of your sweater and the fall of your pants are on the same side trace that out applying all the same rules with the neckline arms extra hip stretch straight legs extra length on the legs and, when you’re done you can cut that out next we cut out our sleeves unfortunately we were a little tight for seam allowance. Because of our lack of fabric, and we should have had the top line on a fold that we didn’t have to sew a line here so depending on how big your onesie is going to be compared to ours you may want to purchase three and a half meters of fabric and once you’ve traced your sleeve out make sure you do that a second time. So you have to complete sleeves next we are bringing back in our back pieces we’re going to pin and sew the entire back scene up until the crotch, when it’s gone it will look like this for the front piece we’re going to take the zipper that we are going to use and Mark in where it will go we put a pin where the zipper will end and this is where we will sew a seam from the bottom of the zipper to the crotch it’s all done it’ll look like this and this part is still pinned while from here down is sewn now we’re going to take our backside and lay down our front side with the good sides together at this point we’re going to sew the shoulders together go ahead and pin the front and back of the shoulders together and then take it to the sewing machine, when that’s done it will look like this our front and back pieces are attached at the shoulders next we’re heading back to our sleeves and like we said try to cut our sleeves on a fold.

But, if you can’t like us we had to sew a seam at the top. So that our sleeves were just one piece each on our body piece we’re going to open it up with a good sides down next we’re going to attach our sleeves starting at the top middle of our sleeve and the top seam of our body piece pin the sleeve into the arm socket of the body piece go ahead and repeat that on the other side. So that you have your sleeves pinned in next take this to the sewing machine now we’re going to pin up all of our sides together we are going to pin down the inside of the sleeve all the way down to the leg and the same goes for the other side flower adit we’re also going to pin the insides of the legs together and all the way up and around the crotch and take this to the sewing machine alright, when that is all done we’re going to hem the neckline fold over the neckline pin and take it to your sewing machine, when that’s all done you can turn it inside out now we’re going to add our zipper ours is 16 inches long you’re going to fold under the fabric and pin it down the sides of the zipper this will create a clean edge and make sure to fold any extra at the top of the zipper as well repeat on both sides and then you can take it to the sewing machine now it’s time to put on your onesie and see how it’s fitting you have the choice of either rolling up and cuffing your sleeves, if you want to be all done with your onesie right now or you can fold it to a good length and hem it which is what we are going to do same goes for the pant legs as well either roll it up a couple of times we’re an easy cuff or pin and so for a more finished looking tough remember it’s always best to pin, when your garment is on inside-out oops pin in a circle all the way around both arm cuffs and sew it up for the legs we’re adding in some elastic. But you can leave them beg, if you want by repeating the arm cuffing process to add an elastic we’re using 3/4 inch elastic estimate how much space you need to leave for the elastic to fit in nicely inside a tube and pin all the way around fill this up.

But make sure to leave a gap wide enough to feed the elastic through after we put a safety pin on the end of our elastic to feed it through the tube we just sewed and pin the two ends of your elastic together and sew a line to attach them sew up the gap we left and you are all done all right so hopefully you guys found that pretty straightforward and you weren’t too confused, if you are a little bit nervous to take on this project just remember that you’re never going to get better at sewing, if you don’t like take it to the next level and then we have a t-shirt hahahaha we said this before that we are definitely not experts or by any means. But they work they work and they were not hard to do it all not scary totally doable so yeah and once we did this one it took us like two seconds to do this I know. Because figuring it I was half the process. But we’ve done like all that work for you so now you know exactly how to do it it should be super easy it’s pretty easy so let us know, if you guys are going to make any what patterns you want yeah can we talk about these patterns like we spend somebody sauce in the fabric store, when we were shopping and you’re just having a problem yes it took us way too long to figure out which patterns we wanted.

Because I mean I love this one. But I was like is it too much. And I was like no no such thing something it soaks Canadians okobogee am i just plaid I was like I want to be neutral yeah that’s good for ya like oh my god it’s Christmas and it’s Canada it’s Christmas Canadian Christmas yep. So we did say that this is a good gift idea.

But, if you aren’t loving this or you know that you don’t have anyone that wants a onesie we have so many DIYs on our blog first of all second vault we have oh you’re saying box I was saying so money so you’re saying no don’t like what okay um second of all we have Gift Guide a do i slashed by gift guy coming out so things you can do i or buy and lastly gift ideas too coming up which are extremely easy and extremely affordable and also like really clever ideas too so make sure you comment for all that stuff coming up Jeff yes baby what do you want for christmas well Abby I would really like something along the lines of Florida this is card this is a lot of lines up you know you down there civil liberties. But it pretty much more 2,000 commentrs yeah we have a goal that hopefully my 10 a year, if not you can reach for 2,000 commentrs we’re so close. But we definitely need that little so make sure you share this post and share blog and just your love and hopefully you guys have an alcoholic see them move. But we will see you in our many future Christmas posts.

Because there’s lots to come and, if you like it like it and, if you love it love it you.

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