Hi everyone my name is Abby we’re the scigirls and welcome back to DM a gift week, if you guys didn’t know we’re doing DIY gifts all week inexpensive cheap really easy to do starting with Monday yesterday and today’s Tuesday’s post and in today’s post we’re gonna show you how to make a laptop slash tablet sleev and in this post we’re making our sleeve for our Google pixel book and guys we are teaming up with Google to give away a Google pixel book to one of our audience members what a perfect gift for the holidays the pixel book, if you don’t know it’s super versatile you can use it like a laptop on the keyboard or you can flip the keyboard back and use it as a giant screen to watch your favorite rs okay and make sure you check out our latest Instagram post to enter this contest we will definitely link it below for you guys okay let’s get into the DIY. So we decided to make this sleeve out of felt. Because felt is super soft and, if you get a thicker felt it’s also pretty durable too so the first step is grabbing enough felts and whatever color you want.

EASY DIY TECH SLEEVE for anybody Photo Gallery

So you can go ahead and place your device of choice on the felt and figure out the width that it needs to be at the tiniest amount on each side depending how thick your device is we don’t want your device ending up too tight in the case or too loose. So that it falls out once the width is figured out wrap your device in the felt with as much or as little of the device peeking out and then cut the fabric so it lands where you’d like it, when you fold the top flap over we wanted it to go about 1/3 of the way down we also cut out a small square of the felt to be our pocket on the front once you have your long lean piece and small square we can move on with some something. So we decided that we’re gonna use some faux leather to create this little like snap fastener piece it’s gonna look really chic. But the first that we need to do is to sew the bottom half of a snap to the front side of the pocket you can just do this by sewing by hand so next we’re gonna pin our pocket into place where we want it on the front of our case and make sure you’re only doing this through the first top layer we’re gonna sew around the bottom in the side, and we even added a sewn divider on that front pocket.

So that we could cold our Google pixel book pend there and you also use real pens or like whatever you want in that front pocket bring back in your device of choice and put it in and then kind of fold it over see where you want it to line up and then we’re going to pin and sew up those sides leaving the top flat part open so now the final step is to add that little leather fastener that we were talking about earlier. So we use some faux leather and cut out a little rectangle that fits nicely around the top ledge of the case now you need to bring back in that second half of your fastener and sew that onto the one side of the leather you should have a rectangular piece of leather with your snap on one end now you can wrap that leather bit around the top part of the sleeve and sew two lines to hold it in place and now your snap should snap together perfectly and hold everything in place so this turned out amazing and our favorite part about it is that you can make it fit any accessory that you have it’s really easy to make different sizes of this thing and it probably took us about half an hour to do yeah really inexpensive and guys like who doesn’t have a device these days I feel like anybody in your family friend circle co-workers could totally use a kit like this. And I bet anyone in your friend circle has scratched something that they own everyone does it no you need a case guys we want one of you guys to win you you will win you will win one of these one of you guys is gonna win this Google picks a book, if you go to our Instagram and enter the contest there we’re so excited so make sure you go do that all the information is on our Instagram it’s linked below thank you guys so much for reading this post make sure you check out the other posts in gift week 20:17 yeah it was one yesterday and there’ll be a bunch with the rest of the week all right thank you so much reading, if you liked it make sure even like and, if you loved them increase of it and we’ll see you next time bye.

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