Hi we are the side girls and today we are here to give you some eco friendly DIYs as well as a bunch of really awesome eco friendly tip one of you asked for eco friendly DIYs.

Because we were like it’s really trendy right now. And I was kind of like heartbroken. But also excited. Because I think I live like a semi eco friendly life mm-hmm and.

So I jumped at the chance to like me tell people about it yeah even though I’m like I’m not doing this. Because it’s trendy. But whatever it’s fine. And I also know that transforming your whole life into being perfectly eco-friendly is a bit of an overwhelming and scary thing to think about.


But I think with these DIYs and tips they’re like slow baby steps to help your transition into just being better human and some of them are money-saving and some of them are just like cuter than the non eco-friendly alternative so you’re welcome all right so let’s hop right into some of these DIYs and tips alright the first tip and something that we do often is shopping at a bulk food store so not only are you saving money by doing this. But also you’re not buying a whole bunch of packaging like they’re getting it in bulk and then you’re just like putting it into your cute little glass container that you can bring home so the bulk food star that we go to you can bring your container they pre weigh it then you fill it up and then they weigh it again and you pay for the difference kind of thing you can get oh my god I love going that I get so inspired there’s like you can get rice you can get coconut chips you can get stuff to bake with they have so much more stuff there than I realized that you could buy in bulk look they have tubs of peanut butter kokanee coconut oil yeah coffee beans you can just get like in bulk it’s amazing yeah they say go check out your local both food sir you’re going to be inspired you’re gonna save money and you’re gonna save the environment totally all right so speaking of food our next field friendly hack is actually a DIY and it’s to DIY.

Your own reusable shopping bag. Because you don’t know the grocery store I’m getting plastic bags every time they’re not great for the environment and they cost like ten pounds now and the one you can buy at the grocery store to make them so much bigger so to make this reusable shopping bag this one is actually sponsored today by this amazing company called thread and would you believe that this fabric right here we use to make these bags is actually made from recycled plastic bottles what so thread transforms plastic bottles that are taken from the streets of Haiti and Honduras and transforms them into the most eco-friendly fabrics on of the planets give kind of mind-blowing I watch the post and how they do it. And I’m just like what what what doesn’t feel like plastic it’s great and it’s actually creating jobs in the developing world in the United States and just making fabric life is amazing mindless all right so I’m going to show you right now how we made this reusable shopping bag from this amazing fabric start by taking your fabric fold it in half and cut two large rectangles out of it make the rectangle roughly as large as you’d like your tote to be start with one rectangle fold it in half vertically mark 50 inches down from the top and one of the quarter inches in from the top connect to these points to form a diagonal line and cut this line repeat this with your second rectangle as well with your two shapes cut out unfold them and lay them on top of each other we’re going to sew together the two vertical sides and add individual hems on the top two angles on each side you can roll the raw edge under itself to create a super clean hem once you’re done it should look like this next we’re going to join the top handles by laying the tops of each side together good sides facing in stitch a straight line about an inch down now you can roll under each side and sew those up to stop the raw edges from fraying next take the bag and pull it out to the size.

So that you shift the side seams to the center of the bag so a straight line across the bottom flip the bag inside out and it’s all done so now you can get fancy with decorating your bag we have this punny deal with it template available on our blog since we’ll be using this as a grocery bag we cut this out using our silhouette machine and some iron on fabric well link the fabric below, if you happen to own a silhouette. But, if not you can cut out the stencil and paint over it so our next eco tip is to shop at the thrift store whenever you can. So we have a series here at called third flip which you guys love, and we love it too we go to the thrift store and upcycle stuff from the thrift store. Because it’s great to buy products that are already made instead of supporting new things that are being made in wasting materials we always like to reduce reuse recycle whenever we can use life cycle upcycle.

So we actually made something from a thrift store for this post – yeah we actually found these curtain panels at the thrift store they’re like this mesh material we’re gonna upcycle em into the fruit and veggie bags that you would normally get at the grocery store in plastic. But we’re gonna make our out for these reusable fruit and veggie bags start by cutting out the mesh in the same way that we cut out our reusable shopping bags adjust the scale so they are much smaller instead of folding and humming the edges like we did for the first bag through adjusting our sewing machine to use a zig-zag stitch this wraps the edges nicely. So you don’t have to worry about folding in the delicate mesh, if you want to know more about how to do this stitch check out our off the shoulder tops DIY and linked below again so the straight sides together and sew the angle sides individually pull out the sides to Center the seam in the middle sew the bottom up, and we chose to leave the handles unattached. So you can tie your bag up in a knot to stop any fruit from escaping you can easily turn them into handles like we did before, if that’s what you would like so speaking of your fruit and vegies another great eco hack is to put your compost in the freezer so a lot of the times people don’t like to use compost.

Because it smells bad yeah and it gets fruit flies and it’s kind of a mess I get it I’ve been there yeah. But this amazing idea was inspired, when we were in an air B&B know the hosts there had their compost in the freezer, and we were like what yeah. But then we realized, if it’s frozen it doesn’t smell it doesn’t attract bugs and therefore you’re much more likely to compost, if it’s not annoying to you yeah I’d rather I literally didn’t compost until this freezer solution okay another little tip hack I don’t know, if you guys know it maybe this isn’t not every IKEA. But at our ideas here in Toronto they actually have so many slots to recycle that all different kinds of light bulbs all different kinds of batteries things that should not be going in the garbage hoard them until you it’s a good idea and then bring them and I’ve totally done this I’ve been like hold on I just gotta like deposit all my batteries into the IKEA sauce oh yeah good pack good idea save your batteries deposit them there.

But also another way to not recycle your batteries is it use rechargeable batteries you don’t even have batteries to recycle rocky that’s us right now. Because we have officially switched over to chargeable batteries we got this cute like rainbow set off of Amazon they’re so adorable we can recharge them. Because we go through batteries a lot unfortunately. Because of our like yeah microphone.

And I crack straight why not and just other equipment and TV remotes whatever you go through batteries. So we use rechargeable ones yeah so will like those below and all the other cute eco stuff that we’ve found along our journey below for you yeah our next eco-friendly tip is to use castile soap this is going to be your new best friend. So I didn’t realize that a lot of regular soaps are actually made from animal fats I was kind of very disturbed, when I found that so castile soap is actually made from natural vegetable ingredients which means it’s great all natural good for the environment it doesn’t contain any toxic detergents so, if it goes down the drain into the water supply it’s not bad for the environment and it also is non-toxic so, if you want to clean things don’t to wear gloves and worry about that getting on your skin and ruining your skin lots of good reasons why this is an amazing product to start using in replace of soap and cleaners on the cleaning note another great hack is to use baking soda and vinegar, when you combine those it creates a chemical reaction that instantly cleans things and you can use it on everything, if you guys have seen our la-5 series we cleaned our dirty dirty bathroom floor with just baking soda and vinegar it’s super all-natural and it cleans actually very very well okay I hope you guys liked those eco friendly hacks tips and DIYs I know a lot of people soon as I hear it go friendly they’re like I’m falling asleep. But honestly I just these are things that you can do to make yourself feel better like forget about any other reason it’s just like things to do to make yourself feel better in your own home in your own space, if you guys have any really easy eco friendly tips and advice please leave them below.

Because we’re always looking for more ways to better our lives yeah thanks guys I would appreciate those and thank you to thread for sponsoring this post and like hooking us up with your eco-friendly fabric I’m like shucks. But that is made with trash and make sure to check out the blog post listed below that’s gonna have all these things listed as well as a bunch of my favorite eco-friendly products that you can buy, if you’re like more eco ya girl alright thank you for reading this post you’ll see you next time, if you liked it like it, if you loved that make sure you sub it.

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