Hi guys my name’s Abby, and we are the so ago today we have last minute gift ideas yeah, when we asked you guys what you want to see from us is holiday season like the biggest things you said we’re like things that were last minute and things that were affordable. So we combined those to give you four awesome ideas that are extremely easy to do and extremely affordable to make and pretty original to that’s the other thing too is.

Because we thought of a lot of we were brainstorming for a while to take that yeah and a lot of things we came up with we’re just like kitschy yeah very Pinterest yeah I want to say yes like so obvious and easy and it’s like no you come to us for real good ideas we already wrapped them it’s like christmas came early for us. So we get to open them we already know what they are and we’ll go over them to show you okay all right so this is our first present we wrap in a little burlap bag what is it alright so the first gift is this Morse code necklace and obviously the beads are in dots and dashes would spell out a word in Morse code so it’s a really cool gift, if you want to give someone kind of a secret message our necklace says admirer so it’s perfect for your mom or your sister or someone they really look up to mm-hmm and these beads and necklaces which is actually the necklace is real silver came from a craft store. But it was all under $50 yeah really affordable very affordable and easy to make and like once you have the supplies you can make like a bun exactly we have a lot of these left over so perfect gift yes all right so to make this secret message Morse code necklace you’ll need a thin chain as well as circle beads and some Barbies the bar beads are technically called spacer findings we pick these all up from the beading section of the craft store we’re spelling out the word admire so using an online Morse code translator we figured out the dots and lines our words translated into our chain didn’t come with the hoop that was easily detachable from the end. So we just snipped it off using some wire cutters we had to do this.


Because our beads were way too tiny to fit over the hoop slide your beads on in the right order to spell out your word to recreate the end hoop we removed slide on one of your extra Barbies on to the end and then loop the end of your chain back through pull it tight to form a tiny loop and then use some pliers to clamp down on to your bar to hold your loop into place and you can now use this new loop to clip your necklace class all right I’m gonna open up this next guy right here what is it these are also great wrapping ideas guys we got some tool from the dollar store some craft favorite bunch it up and wrap them dunh dunh glitter everywhere okay so this gift idea is a little plant your own plant paint your own plant I don’t like it um I think this is great for like maybe somebody a little bit younger even or you know, if you have some you know their favorite flower and for this gift we actually just had soil already so I’m I’m gonna count that um seeds you usually get for a couple bucks and the pot we got for like a couple of dollars so like five dollars there and it’s like wow it looks not like that no no it’s okay that’s – it’s okay pain. But like have you ever grown a plant from like look I don’t think I have and that would be so rewarding to do yeah exactly right like I always buy plants and then kill them like I’ve never grown one from a seed up so that’s why this is a great a gift and definitely for like anybody younger like you be younger niece or younger sister it’s really cute to make this grow it yourself plant kit we’re starting by decorating our pot you can do this any way you want. But we are starting by painting the base goals and now we’re using a pencil eraser to dot on some polka dots add enough soil to fill the pot in a clear bag and tie it up with a cute bow lastly add your seeds to the front by wrapping some twine around the pot, if a local nursery is not convenient you can also find flower seeds at a dollar store or hardware store alright so our next session is a little bit bigger let’s get me what’s it already so our next clip isn’t actually DIY pajamas. Because someone’s not on that please miss yeah no.

But what it is is these are just pajamas that we bought. But we DIY embroidered like a little message on the sleeves yeah and this says dream on little heart heart from Kay thank you umm so yeah last year well my mom usually asked her pajamas for Christmas so last year I want to get her pajamas. But also make it a little bit more personalized so this is a great way to get them that practical gift that I actually just want to jam is like don’t get me anything L see you yeah so this is a great way just to add something it’s a simple embroidering it makes it so personal to everytime I go to sleep they can think of you yeah so cute and so pajamas dude easily get for 20 dollars to make early get sets and the embroidery thread was actually too much dollar stores so this whole project probably cost like one of us $21 was about $7 they’re really affordable yeah to make these personalized message pajamas we first decided where we wanted the message to go we placed ours on the inside of the sleeve cut out a piece of tissue paper about the size of your message and sketch out how you like it written we wrote dream on and then signed it with a heart next you’ll need a piece of felt about the same size, if you’re using a thicker material unlike silk you can skip this step sandwich your pajama sleeve between the tissue paper and the felt and pin it into place using a needle and some embroidery thread using a split stitch to trace the words make sure your thread is doubled up for this and then stitch partway down one letter and then bring your needle half way back up on the inside of the sleeve and come back through making sure your needle goes in between the two threads repeat this process of stitching down and then coming back up between the two threads until you’ve sewn out your entire message carefully pull your tissue paper from under the thread and you’re all done and last not least so this is our last one and probably easily the one that were like most excited about. Because it was so affordable to do.

But ends up looking so amazing go true okay hmm easy opening upside down which would be disastrous what they are like a mackerel inspired Oreos oh you know you guys know the whole macaron trend macaron smackle wrong I’m not French macaroon is the poop shaped one no I know. But you pronounced on the same I think oh do you I think so I’m just trying to like all French okay obviously you guys know the trend of those. But those are extremely crazy like upwards of like three dollars for one so all this was was a box of Oreos which is what like two dollars and some sprinkles which like we got the smallest amount of sprinkles from popcorn ever so they were. But like 10 cents for each kind of sprinkle yeah so extremely affordable.

But looks so cute yeah and it’s so fun to do we’re gonna eat them right now. Because we want been staring at these for the entire time we’re making on one mm mm all right to make this Mecca raw or macaroon inspired Oreos whichever way you want to pronounce it we’re going to start with a pack of Double Stuf Oreos the Double Stuf leaves room for us to add the sprinkles with some white icing in a bag cut a tiny opening in one corner to give us a nice icing tip you’ll also need a variety of sprinkles we got ours from the bulk food store and it was super cheap start by filling the ridge of your Oreo with the icing and then dip your Oreo into the sprinkle rotating it until the entire edge is covered and repeat this with all your different Oreos until they’re all covered we did regular sprinkles coconut flakes and some larger ball sprinkles we lined our cookie box with a bit of wax paper and then stacked all of our Oreos inside a long skinny box works best for simulating that macaroon slosh mackerel effect hopefully you guys like the last-minute ideas and, if you didn’t like them okay we have a previous last-minute post we did a couple years ago don’t mind us we were like fetuses in that post um oh yeah those are some pretty good ideas in there and like our entire blog just like go to our posts and start going. Because there’s lots of options there doesn’t need to be a holiday-themed per se like anyone wants a DIY anything. Because everything we do is great oh yeah yeah so hopefully you guys like this post and we’ll be the original then you haven’t seen these before yeah that’s our hope there’s a lot of stuff with non-violence like very repetitive yeah.

So we like to bring something fresh to you guys and hopefully get inspired and, if you make any of these things for anyone in your life let us know yeah you can always say us on instagram at the store girls DIY alright so hopefully you all have a great holiday season, and we will see you guys in our next post, if you like this post like it and, if you love it stop it you you.

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