You guys are wondering why I’m walking the glasses as of late go over to the post blog will be a post coming up kind of explaining what’s going on or snapchat okay onto the post hey guys Mike Helsby today we’re and today we have an amazing Mother’s Day DIY for you it’s kind of a themed package all based around watercolor and baking as well.

Because we are inspired by the mother of all baking on hi 2k kit which is Yolanda camp over on her blog she did an amazing Mother’s Day cake which is like so exciting for us. Because we get to try it later in the post she sent us with some and you might even see one of our DIYs over in her post. So we could you go check her out and comment you will absolutely love her of course and we’re you’re gonna get onto our post on how to be super cute watercolor DIY for Mother’s Day to make these ombre baking spoons you’ll need multi surface non-toxic paint which allows your spoons to be washed after our spoons were raw wood from the dollar store. But, if yours have a shiny coating or are a bamboo you’ll want to sand the handle first we placed a piece of tape around the handle approximately where we want it our ombre to end you can use three different shades like we did or you could slowly add white to a color to create a gradient start with your darkest shade and paint it onto the bottom mix it with the next lightest shade and blend the two shades well slowly add more and more of your next color to create a seamless ombre once we’ve fully transitioned into the middle color we slowly started to add in the white until we reached a full white blend the way into the wood for that watercolor effect once you’re done you’ll have amazing custom ombre spoons for the watercolor recipe box we’re starting with this raw wood box from the craft store we’re using regular watercolor and a damp peat brush to brush on our color make sure you place similar colors together.


So that they blend nicely whenever you want the edges of the colors to blend better add some water and brush the colors together we chose to leave some parts of the box natural wood. But you could definitely color the whole box, if you wanted to let the Box completely dry once you’re done and then we’re going to add on a label we use a silhouette machine to cut out the word recipe on some sticky vinyl. But you could just as easily hand-cut this as well with an exacto knife stick the stencil down on the front of the box and paint over it with some opaque paint once it’s dried peel off the stencil and then we coated the entire box with some Mod Podge for a shiny finish for the inside we’re using some standard cue cards to write our recipes on, and we cut out some dividers on some pink cardstock to make this gorgeous watercolor apron start with a plain white apron you should be able to easily find at any home goods store since we’re working with such a large area we’re only going to wet small areas at a time using a sponge use your regular watercolor paint and some water to paint on a watercolor design group similar colors together for easy blending sponge on more water, when you’re ready to move on to your next area we covered most of the apron with color. But you could definitely choose to only do parts like the pocket or just the bottom we left a small space white at the top.

So we can add some text later we also faded the color into the straps as well once you’re done with the color you’ll need this product called fabric medium it essentially turns any paint into fabric paint we’ve linked it below for you mix a tutu and ratio of fabric medium and water. So we put 1/8 spoonful of water and four spoonfuls of fabric medium mix well and paint this all over the top of your watercolor let your apron die completely for 24 hours to add on some sweet pastel words you’ll need to cut out a stencil out of some freezer paper about you ever using a silhouette machine or by following the tutorial linked above we chose the words mama bakes for our baking mom’s iron your template into place and don’t forget to add in the Centers of any letters at this point you also want to iron the entire apron to heat set the paint this will stop it from bleeding in the wash next using some teal fabric paint paint over the stencil peel off your freezer paper and let the paint dry and your awesome water color apron is all done time to get to baking or gifting this to your mom I am so oh don’t shake it I’m so excited I’m so excited oh I don’t know, if you guys can see. But these are kind of watercolor s call very own theme to what we did and looking that are actually cakes. But they look like chocolate oh my goodness sure you want to know how these were made go over to you on this blog check this out you will absolutely love her and will love these you’ll love her personality she just like so funny, if you guys have yet to comment to Yolanda please go check her out tell her we say hi in the comments, and we would love that and, if you’re here from how to K kids welcome to the family we do DIYs.

And I know you will love them yes make sure you comment. So that we can see you here more often all right thank you guys so much for reading this post, if you liked it make sure that you like it and, if you love it make sure you something and happy Mother’s Day happy Mother’s Day bye.

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