So today we’re back with the coming posts we don’t do very often you know cook really so this is super easy and it basically came up from us like be bored and wanted chocolate and us only having me, when you’re hungry it’s fine whatever ingredients you have I think that’s are the best students come from so these are. But they don’t you something back okay. So we’re gonna eat it physically Nutella, and we have this cereal hardness crunch harvest punch with Mike maker it’s like granola okay yeah any yeah then you can even take your ol bars like break them up I guess this is what it looks like i source of fiber not that much info and then you don’t have to do that by kids better either you can mix it it’s move it put it in the microwave just experiment 25-second yeah don’t bring it with me.


But so many thing to tell us yeah look a look gross. But trust me women don’t eat easily. But don’t eat it yet no and you’re done and then you’re gonna mix it so look something like this you could eat it like that. But we like to please it.

So that it looks like my room so yeah we’re too lazy to do dishes so or boxes or you can see boards I’ll put it say on the plate and then you just make a little like dollars actually. But not supposed to look pretty yeah I love this room so, when you have them all on your plate okay so it has been our little you saw Murphy mixed in how many did that meet Becky this made nine of them they don’t look too much different. But trust me they’re like frozen so they actually look like all the chocolate like melts freezes together please comment.

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