Hello everyone this week we have Valentine’s Day DIY for you how we made you four simple ones really easy and fast to do the eyes you can give to someone for the south ends day so our first DIY is this jar of nuts and it says I’m nuts about you on the top sometimes there’s all the puns say to me we made our own roasted honey honey roasted almonds and to make it it’s really easy to start we’re gonna lay out two cups of almonds in a pan and put them in our 350 degree oven for 10 minutes and about kind of flip them and shape them half way through and to make the honey sauce we’re going to put half a cup of honey into a pot as well as two tablespoons of butter and we’re going to bring this mixture to a boil and once it starts boiling you’re gonna turn it down on a low simmer and let it simmer for two minutes hopefully at this point your almonds are done and you can put in your almonds you’re going to stir them for about two minutes or until the honey is fully coated them or whenever you think they’re done next you’re going to take them out with either slotted spoon or Arzu semi.


So we just kind of tried to get rid of as much honey as we could and lay them out on parchment paper you’re gonna want to let them sit for a couple of minutes and then we just sprinkled about one tablespoon of raw sugar over them you want them to sit for a couple of hours and then maybe use a spatula to rotate them so they don’t stick to the paper they are gonna kind of stick together. But they’re not sticky overall they just like to stay together baby then we put them in a little mason jar and to cut up some craft paper to cover the lid and just throw I’m nuts about you on the top okay so the next year we have is a we’re a perfect match of cards and you get someone cute a little of know it’s funny inside this one’s really easy so all it takes is some cardstock we use white you can use whatever color you want and you’re going to need to find a match book you can get these some convenient stores have them we found it there it is one ten cents or I can get a restaurant or you probably have some lying around the house first of all we take our card stock and fold it in half next we’re gonna take your matchbook and you’re gonna rip out all the matches except for the center – it’s okay, if you leave some of the faces kind of fat relative what do you have all your matches so December your last two we’re gonna go ahead and glue the back to its back we’ll be yeah nice book.

So that it kind of pops out in the little 3d ways so take your glue gun and glue that down and then after that you can leave a whole matchbook to the card somewhere in the center and then to finish it off we just added the text or a perfect match he’s a nice play on words – the matches ha ha ha yeah it’s that easy and perfect for the pyro in your life yeah it’s our hot basket so hot um yeah you’re hot so basically this one it’s less of a DIY more of a put together thing put together still takes effort in time which is the Valentine’s Day is all about right so in our basket we put some hot mini peppers in a jar some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce some sriracha sauce and of course some Tabasco sauce we also put these little red and green hot peppers, and we just thought this basket was on sale we got it from home cents, and we stuff some craft paper in there and you pretty much done and then we just little you’re hot tag add a red cardstock and tie it on with some twine so it’s really easy hopefully the love in your life does like hot things or hot flavor things, if not maybe this isn’t the best or they’re just someone who really likes funny puns yeah all right yes so this DIY is to a shapee raunchy legs and what you’re going to need is tea bags you have to get those from like a tea store or at another store that might sell them and of course the tea that you want to put in the tea bags this tea so to start we’re going to take our tea bag and sketch out a shape preferably heart. Because it is Valentine’s Day on to the tea bag and then you can go ahead and take your needle and thread and start to stitch around that shape.

But make sure that you leave an opening at the top for a loose tea to go in once you have a 90% stick stuff you can go ahead and take your tea I put into this tea bag we found that it helps, if you make kind of a little cardboard final haul to help your to go into the tea bag better. But, if you’re just skilled like that just don’t worry about it steel about putting to you to it exactly it’s a real skill so once you have the proper amount of tea of the tea bag you can go ahead and stitch up the entire heart and bread and then after that we cut out the actual heart shape from the rest of the tea bag and then last thing we just added a string. So that you can pull the tea bag out of the water, when you’re done with it. So we just took this straight to thread and stitch it on to the top of the heart and then cut out a little pink heart out of some construction paper and glue gun back to the end of the string we use too.

So that we wouldn’t see the glue and that was our last step all kinds avi was the heart-shaped teabag, if you do want to see more about time state DIYs that we have done these years will link them at the end of this post yet and let us honey Valentine’s DIY ideas you have. Because I’m sure there’s lots of funny funny things you can do this time here exactly the best time for hit yep all right, if you guys enjoyed this post, and we will see you next week bye.

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