Elegant Dining Recipes

Inside the house, Pinto rationalized the old and rather confused layout of internal walls, removing many in order to create large, open and airy spaces. For his own bedroom he chose the big space at the top of the house, under the massive, exposed, AB OVEAlberto Pinto created an ingeniouspigeon-hole storage systemfor his dressing-room, the contents of each of the locally-made baskets are identified by a luggage label. The clubby ‘ Twenties leather armchair is spruced up with a bold gingham seat-cushion sloping, white-washed beams of the roof. ELEGANT DINING RECIPES From this eyrie with its own little balcony Pinto can enjoy the finest views from the house.

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Here the decoration is simple, the only grand piece being a handsome eighteenth-century bureau crowned by an elaborate, swan-necked broken pediment. Next door, in his dressing-room, is a version of his elegantly uncomplicated storage system – an arrangement of rustic shelves in which are pigeon-holed serried ranks of local woven baskets, the contents of each identified by a large luggage label. The effect is both witty and appealingly simple.


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