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Furthermore, the ideas cost very little to put into practice and, because you don’t have to be an expert, literally anyone can have a go.This common sense approach is something that comes through in Lillian’s latest book LillianToo’s Essential Feng Shui, published by Rider Books at £1299. Ne hews a copy of the book to give to 20 readers who send their name and address on a postcard to: Wbrid offfbrfcs/Feng Shui, Hamervilte Magazines Ltd, Regal House, Regal V’&y \AMord WD2 4Yj, Qosing date 30 September 1998. French often say he must have been a fish in a previous life. It’s hardly surprising as sea creatures appear in many of his paintings, and this interest also comes across strongly in his first collection of fabrics and wallpapers for Anna French.

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