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Steam generator is outside the room. Sauna heater is inside the room.

Heats water, which is injected into the room as steam. Heats air, which circulates naturally through intake and outlet vents.

Temperatures rarely exceed 130°F (54°C).

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Temperature ranges from 120 to 150°F (49 to 66°C).

Humidity is 100 percent. Humidity approaches 40 percent.

Walls are constructed of ceramic tile, glass block, acrylic panels, or other nonporous waterproof material. Walls are constructed of untreated, kiln-dried wood, and they do not have to be waterproof.

Sloped ceiling is highly recommended to divert condensation. Flat ceiling is recommended to keep heat more evenly dispersed.

Floor drain is required. Floor drain is not required.

Clearly, steam baths played an important part in hygiene and religious ceremonies in many cultures especially before the advent of electricity. Today, thanks to technological developments in electric steam generation, it's possible to produce a quick, steady supply of steam and to regulate the temperature within the bath. This has made steam baths viable not only in health clubs and hotels but also in private homes, where they appeal to harried families. After all, who has time to build an inipi, stoke a temazcalli, or go through the lengthy panchakarma ritual?

The first private residential steam baths started to appear in the United States during the 1950s. Since then, the personal steam bath has evolved to include custom-designed.

And prefabricated steam showers. Aromatherapy oils have long been part of the experience, but advances in steam bath technology have led to these features:

Steam generators that eliminate irritating fluctuations in temperature.

Softer steam production that doesn't burn bathers.

Mood lighting inside the steam shower.

Waterproof speakers for listening to CDs or the radio while in the shower.

Though such state-of-the-art amenities certainly add new dimensions to the steam bath experience, the most popular reasons for owning a steam bath are related to health.





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