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Los Angeles artist Elyse Graham started out as a jewelry maker and sculptor, toggling between the two and allowing each discipline to influence the other. Most recently, she expanded her business to include objects for the home; she displayed her enchanting vases, mirrors and cake plates at the winter edition of NY NOW.
âœI have always found satisfaction in being able to make pieces that people may touch and wear,❠Graham explains.
âœIt was a natural transition for me to evolve my practice to include smaller sculptures and objects for the home.â
Her signature detail provides clues about her process: beguiling resin âœstalactites❠that appear to make time stand still.
âœI am really interested in the idea of incorporating art into the everyday. I love making sculptural pieces that people feel comfortable living with and enjoying. There seems to be a growing trend in both galleries as well as boutiques to blur the line between art and object. Robert Apodaca, the owner of Fifth Floor Gallery in Los Angeles, is a perfect example of someone who encourages this melding of art and life. He has a retail shop selling objects and furniture by contemporary designers on one level, and on the other, he shows larger pieces and artwork by many of the same designers/artists.
My Drip Collection was born out of experimentation with different types of resin. I had used this incredibly seductive material previously in my sculptural work, and I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into a series of objects for the home. I am particularly interested in the resin’s chameleon-like quality of appearing to be another material. My translucent drips look like delicate glass spires, and I love how that confusion encourages people to take a closer look the pieces. Because I take inspiration from the geology and atmosphere of my native California (particularly the striated rock formations and the beautiful blend of colors in the evening sky), I also enjoy being able to seamlessly layer colors with the material.â
Drip cake plate showcases Elyse Graham’s signature resin stalactites. It’s available in four patterns: Mirror, Atomic, Confetti and Bull’s-eye (shown). www.elysegraham.com
Elyse Graham explains her artistic progression from making jewelry and sculpture to home accessories.

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