Entryway Furniture Ideas

Entryway Furniture Ideas

We’re here in Shakopee Minnesota to help the Husan family with the entryway with three boys playing sports the entryway has gotten out of hand we only have one day to give them plenty of storage. And smart organization to get this family back on track this is hi. I’m here and. I’m Chad. And these are our boys Alexi Nicholas. And Yeti this is what you see when you walk in hats. And gloves. And sports equipment add five pairs of shoes you walk in. And okay you know like you have to almost kick them out of the way get your own soccer game when you come in well yeah. So, I see this is the kind of grab. And go area yeah. And that’s the other thing, I don’t like all the clutter, I would like to get in more. And then here we have their own boards. So we kind of want to keep the school things. But I think it’s just too much. I’m sure we can find a really cool way to keep all this stuff we took the family ty kia bloomington to get our shopping done now, we’re back. And it’s all hands on deck.

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Because we only have one day to get this makeover done it’s game time look at look at miss Oh see how cluttered. And messy it was that it was but let’s go look at the new space everything is put away everything looks nice this could be a lot less stressful, I just love the color like it is. So nice. And bright too like totally yeah. And when you come in your more relaxed nice nice. So for the shoe solution we went with the stall cabinets. And they’re really awesome. Because you can easily fit pairs of shoes in here that’s actually one of my favorites. Because then we don’t have the piles of shoes on the floor there is a place for guests to put their stuff too. And then this is my favorite. So we went with the LIXIL cabinets. Because they’re super fun. And colorful you can stack them in a variety of ways. So they can fit your space no matter the size. And then like building them was really simple. And I know that like now our stuff is not here. And it’s in there it’s out of sight.

So before guys the closet wasn’t working to its max potential Wow nice organized the samulet bins up top are great. Because you keep the out of season items stored away. And the TRO fast bins below aren’t plastic. And you can easily clean them with their muddy boots or something you know when they come in in the winter. So last but not least we have this command center for the boys using all stupid cabinets they have their own individual cubbies they can customize to however they want. And it’s awesome spot for them to put their school supplies or hang up anything over a see ya. And it’s all clean. So another cool feature was the additional storage below, I like that they can put their sports stuff in there. And it’s hidden. And easy to grab when we leave. And under the cabinets we installed these hooks. So they can put their book bags down when they come home from school going through eki. And just seeing the different possibilities there are. So many different things in this space that everybody could pick something, I bet that they would like it’s totally fun. So there you go with some help from your friends. And families you can organize your entryway. So getting in. And out is a breeze thanks for reading please share this post with your friends. And family. And visit home to shoot.

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