Family Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Family Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Ah oh god, I didn’t hear. So, we’re here in the borough queens. And kings, we’re to help the Torres family four people one small space let’s do this Jesse Robby. I’m son. I’m Kevin sylars my toddler he’s two-and-a-half. And Mia’s our baby by month. So when, I first applied for the whole IKEA Home Makeover, I had baby Mia coming. And unfortunately daddy wasn’t here to really help me. Because he was in Afghanistan nine months in total which were basically almost the whole premise see gee he’s lucky man huh, I was struggling.

But I was like oh my god, I can’t let my husband come back. And this bedroom look like this like it was horrible you know it’s not a fun place honestly for the kids stuff fun for us neither, I wish okay. So, I know you guys have challenges with your clothing storage in your organization tell me about that everything is like basically almost like tumbling out of the closet, I have to do this. Because, I have no other space for hangers. So, I throw some clothes here. I’m the only one that has like a closet which is in a small way, I do not have to fly this route your shoes all over your food the same closet silly yours now when the room were in everything is just thrown at us. And we never have that just close our eyes. And open them. And just feel you know at at peace. And that was overwhelming Barry it’s just um too much for us okay guys.

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So this is a huge challenge for us tiny space. So if you gotta go up the walls with storage. And we utilize space under everyone’s bed speaking of the bed we should give them a new mattress we looked at the natural spring mattresses together. And they loved it comes with the -year warranty yes we decided to make sure that this space is going to be all cleaned up. And safe. And whole family IKEA Long Island was able to arrange for assembly. And delivery service to help us with our tight timeline now, we’re going to go wrap this to makeover out. So there for review in one space you didn’t have enough storage she was surrounded by chaos yeah there’s no thing this is our room oh my god, I could walk. And feel like.

I’m hey you have no ins’t now this is beyond beautiful like. I’m like in total shock are you sure this is our bedroom oh no no thank you make go away as far as clothing storage put your shoes there. And you have extra shoe boxes for like special occasion shoes they could bring it feels for going out. And everything you’re gonna need more than those my shoes okay that’s what the top of your closet all right. And the lights turn on when you open the door oh wow they’re battery operated. And then underneath we have toy storage for him oh wow look at the baby stop. And carry that rock we have the changing pad that you can use anywhere like on a sofa or on the bed. And it’s waterproof. So it’s not going to leak through it’s. So clean. And simple. And like everything has a place, I feel amazing, I finally have a class in there, I could put all my clothes. I’m gonna have speech to walk the kids have their own beds beautiful hmm super beautiful that is my word Jean it’s completed our family bedroom. Because since it’s four of us. And one, I now feel like we’ve all become one in this room comfortably. And happy who would have thought that this wrong can really look like this it doesn’t feel like just a room now it’s part of our home hey guys thanks for reading this week’s episode please be sure to share with your friends. And family. And visit home for series calm.

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