Family Room Decoration

Family Room Decoration

For preparing and priming wood

• Sandpaper in various grades from fine to rough, for removing old finishes and smoothing back wood filler.

• Overalls, paper mask and rubber gloves for protection where the job is dusty and messy and may involve the use of solvents.

• Flat scraper for removing paint.

• Sponge with rough side, steel wool and small pointed knives for removing paint, including paint stuck into deep cracks.

• Methylated spirits for removing French polish or shellac.

• Paint stripper for removing other varnishes and paint.

• Old paintbrush for applying paint stripper.

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• Patent knotting sealant (knot sealer) to seal knots before priming.

• Wood filler where wood requires filling and smoothing.

• Undercoat.

• Primer.

• Sheets of plastic to protect the floor.

For preparing and priming metal

• Methylated spirits for removing French enamel varnish.

• Acetone for removing spray paint.

• Turpentine or white spirit for removing oil-based paints and varnishes.

• Steel wool for removing old paint layers and rust.

• Metal primer.

Preparing and priming metal

1 Use steel wool or a wire brush to remove old paint layers and rust from the surface.

2 Prime the metal before painting by applying a zinc-based metal primer to the surface. Allow 24 hours to dry.

The magnificent red on the bath and curly metal washstand provides splashes of warmth in this cool grey-blue room. Metal furniture, especially if flaked with old paint and rust, requires some attention before painting. The rough surface of the bath was smoothed out after being rubbed, primed, undercoated and then covered with several layers of gloss paint.

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