Family Room Flooring Ideas

Family Room Flooring Ideas

Woven-backed carpet

Traditionally, carpet has a jute or hess backing but sometimes it is woven po, propylene. Woven-backed carpets are L over a rubber or felt underlay which helps even out irregularities in the subfloor and i makes the carpet feel softer and more su stantial. Rubber feels softer underfoot but 1 is more resilient and thus a good choice an uneven floor or a carpet that needs stitc ing together. A combination under’ combines the qualities of both.

Laying woven-backed carpet is a trie task for the amateur; it is, however, a ve quick operation for a skilled person and co paratively inexpensive. It is probably n therefore, worth laying such a carpet yot

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Laying carpet

7 Fix underlay and tape to floor. Butt carpet against first wall, trim, and secure – removing backing from tape.

2 Walk the carpet from the fixed edge to the opposite wall, fit, and fix. Work to remaining two edges and fix.

3 Make release cuts at external corners and trim diagonally at internal corners to ensure carpet lies flat.

4 To trim, press into base of skirting with bolster chisel to 5 To make seam, bed one edge on length of carpet tape, score, turn back, and cut -on a board, along metal edge. butt up the next piece, and bond with seam roller.

6 Alternatively, cut carpet slightly oversize, turn under and staple or tack through the double thickness to fix.

Self, particularly as if it is not properly laid, unstretched woven-backed carpet will ruck up and wear very quickly.

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