Family Room Makeover Ideas

Family Room Makeover Ideas

We’re here in New Jersey where a mom. And her daughter want to surprise the men in the family with a new family room the challenge for the squad is to see if we can get this done before the guys come home welcome to the reason, I contacted IKEA is. Because, I wanted to turn our back room into a family room. So this is the space in C we have lots of clutter we don’t a really good storage the lighting is not great in here a workspace would be fantastic more functionality you know, I can write bills ball hanging out with everyone else things like that would be wonderful the focus of these kinds of rooms usually is the entertainment center right we would love to do an update what about these fire trucks here my husband has a lot of fire department memorabilia from his occupation right now they’re just sort of in a pile be really awesome to display that.

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Because, I am really proud of his profession the biggest challenge is finding a good place to do my homework. Because the lighting is not very good. And there’s clutter on the tables. And I sit on the couch often times, I fall asleep. And then, I also want to have people over. So it’d be fun if space is clean organized my husband is at work my son is coming home from college. So we’d really love to surprise that with a great room well this one, I are gonna get to work really take some measurements. And pictures really excited to be here thanks for having us we’re. So glad you’re here the seating area is pretty good we can just have you know the focal point be over here. And clean up this putter early. So this room doesn’t really work for the family anymore they have a little bit of clutter going on they need a dedicated workspace. And the Lighting’s a little dim.

So, we’re going to go down to Ikea you will be confined to turn this back room into a family room again. So what do you think this one this might actually work he’s got storage here perfect for Adams friends real comfortable let’s see what some of the other ones look like though flights behind your TV eases eye fatigue. So yeah let’s grab a couple for this family room. And really for any room you need a great mix of general lighting task lighting. And mood lighting to make things really pop. So we got everything you needed here at IKEA, the squad did great or out, we’re headed out to Jersey no never in my life all right pegs there you go alright, we’re going to do the last door did you like studio owners job salutely absolutely alright alright good job Jill did great but now you gotta go we have a surprise for the family let’s get you out of here the room is done the guys are on their way, we threw in a couple of extra surprises for Jill. And Sam. And I can’t wait to see their reaction your new family room Wow whoa it looks fantastic we have a printer cabinet over here opens the best can sort your mail. And mills. And thing we really have space now to do the paying. And correspondence, I can’t wait to do my homework here great lighting we also added a Vista with the glass doors there for the memorabilia you have boxes bookshelves my dad has his fire trucks all around. I’m sure he was really excited to see that. So we chose this loveseat is actually sofa bed it pulled out to a comfortable bed for two at night. And the sofas. And the desk pieces have a -year warranty on, I used to be saying that the floor was the biggest shelf in the house. So now we can see that we can actually put some things away, I just got home for vacation. And wow, I think that the team touched on everything we needed they were great about sofa beds having guests stay over work area everything that’s it for this week’s episode of an for more information on how to join the home tour visit our youtube my blog.

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