Faux Wall Wallpaper Ideas

Faux Wall Wallpaper Ideas
Putting up wallpaper
Broad stripes are a good choice for a room with sharp corners. Here a striped wallpaper accentuates the neat angles of the chimney breast, while its muted colours create an air of restrained grandeur, ideal for a formal drawing room.
In a heavy-use area such as a hallway, staircase or kitchen, it’s sensible to use a wallpaper with a tougher finish, and consequently a longer life. In this case, a hard wearing vinyl has been used below the dado rail and a standard patterned paper above should rub your hand down the angle of the wall to make a firm crease along the paper. Slit the overlap allowance to allow the paper to move around the corner without buckling. Use a plumb line or spirit level to establish a vertical about 2.5cm (lin) from the external corner and use a straight edge or metal rule to mark the line in pencil. Using the straight edge and a sharp craft knife, cut the paper along this line. Gently remove the offcut and place it on the pasting table, pattern-side down.
Run the seam roller down the edge of the paper leading to the corner, ensuring that it is firmly stuck down. Next, if the paste has dried too much, re-paste the offcut and then hang it, positioning its edge very close to the external corner, and taking care to match patterns if necessary. Run the seam roller along the join to try to fix the edge of the paper.

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