Feng Shui Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom Makeover

Feng Shui Decorating Ideas For Your Bedroom Makeover

Because it is considered by many to be the most important room in a home, making sure that your bedroom is following Feng Shui can certainly bring about significant changes. Whether it be in the amount of stress you carry around or attracting more fortune and love, there are a number of simple yet effective changes that you can do. To help you get started, here are a few tips for you to consider:

Begin with your bed. Have a solid headboard for it that’s either made from wood or has been upholstered well. These two varieties are considered the best as they can balance the combination of being a solid backing while supporting Feng Shui energy for you and the bedroom as well. Whenever you sleep, your body goes into energy repair work and having a solid backing aids in this process.

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Get a good mattress. There are countless different varieties available in the market so when choosing one, make sure you don’t scrimp on quality. Find the one that would provide you with the best possible sleep as this can also significantly affect your health and your energy level come the morning. Never buy used mattresses for these have already accumulated energy from its previous owners, something that you wouldn’t want in your room where you’re most vulnerable at night.

Position your bed as far from the door as possible. The idea here is that you should be able to see the door from your bed, but it shouldn’t be directly aligned with it. This also applies to the door of your patio or balcony, the bathroom door as well as your closet door. Too much chi can flow into the bed if you have it placed directly in front of the door.

Do not place your bed against a window. Aside from the headboard, you should also have a solid wall behind your bed to prevent energy loss. If you have a window, your personal energy can exit through here, thus leaving you feeling weak and lethargic afer a while. It is important that you protect your energy even during slumber.

Make sure your bed is away from any distractions. The TV your study desk, the computer all of these should be outside of your bedroom or if that isn’t possible, far from the area where you sleep. You can also drape something over it, as a way of covering these distractions without taking up too much space by adding a closet to keep them in and so on. These can actually hinder the flow of positive energy to your bed so best to keep them away.

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