Finding the right radiator

Finding the right radiator

Originally, radiators were not hidden away in embarrassment: they were solid articles of furniture, made to be seen. This chunky cast-iron radiator functions perfectly and contributes a certain period charm to its turn of the century home. The child’s chair – made from hickory sticks – is also early twentieth-century.

Restoring an original hearth A genuine inglenook, with an integral seat and shelf for a salt container, has been blackened by years of smoke. It now houses a responsive and effective wood-burning stove -appropriate heating for life in a wooded corner of the English countryside.

Fortress door This hefty door, complete with its original massive hinges and bar, fits perfectly in a converted Martello Tower on the coast of England: its solid proportions were designed to resist the battering of invading armies.

New home for an old door This magnificent door is of dubious origin but now its ancient charm makes it a welcome ingredient in the lobby of a country house. Its subtle markings are shown to good effect against bare plank walls.

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